You owe yourself a drunk

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You owe yourself a drunk

The author was an Anthropology professor at Macalester College. He is famous for his ethnographic works, qualitative researches and literatures Benedict, He was an editor and writer; he wrote and edited more than 12 books in less than 12 years. The book was produced in in Boston by the little Brown publishers.

The book was reissued in by Waveland publishers. The book gives an account of experiences. The men under the ethnographic studies are continuously getting arrested for being drunk in public.

It further challenges the assumption that society rejects of the public and are incapable of using cultural methods to organize their behavior Bernard, The author uses an account of different methods of ethnographic analysis to show how a sub-culture in an urban setting interacts with agencies of law enforcements.

He gives a thorough description of jail life and further narrates how a jail term transforms the drunken men individual personalities.

Jail term also plays a significant role in enabling these men to acquire essential life skills. The skills are essential in the urban sub-culture and they further entice the men to adjust to a transformed livelihood.

Overall, drinking is viewed as a result of social values in society Clifford, The key theme of the book is the relationship between alcohol and homelessness. This relationship is a cause and effect relationship in that alcohol can result to homelessness and consequently homelessness can result in drug or alcohol use.

Further, he notes that individuals with minimal finances face a great challenge to remain with housing. On the other hand, when a big amount of the financial resources is spent on alcohol or drugs, the capacity to maintain a stable life in one housing facility becomes more challenging.

Alcohol as a Disease in Society On the other hand, if the basic needs such as shelter and food are provided unreliably and precariously, it becomes difficult to focus on alcohol. The dangerous and stressful impacts of urban nomad life may result to a vicious cycle of depending on alcohol or other substances as a source of comfort.

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The state of homelessness may arise from different factors such as the incarceration linked to the use of alcohol. As a Seattle Anthropologist, he found that many men who lived in skid row and at the same time were employed intermittently relied on the use of alcohol as a form of camaraderie.

In this case, the adaptation to alcohol resulted from living in the streets.

You owe yourself a drunk

You Owe Yourself a Drunk further uses the studies to portray the so called tramps, homeless, alcoholic, dregs of society and the urban nomads social life Spradley, The ethnographic book discusses every aspect of these individuals.

Firstly, it shows how they are marginalized and discriminated by the society in which they live. It then continues to cover the key setbacks and challenges that the drunken experience. Thirdly, the book tries to cover the misery filled aspect of their lives in the drunken state.

It proceeds to give details of accounts after account and narration after narration of the horrible stories that the drunken undergo in jail cells. In terms of gender, the book mainly represents the drunken men; the main reason why the book covers men rather than both men and women is that it was written in the s.

Alcoholism affected men more than women and few women got drunk from alcohol. In addition, the problem of homelessness became a pressing social issue mainly affecting the single men above the age of Many of these single men above 50 frequently turned up to social and public intervention programs.Chapter 2 Summary In the beginning of chapter 2 of Spradley’s, You Owe Yourself a Drunk, it talks about how many people went to jail for .

You Owe Yourself a Drunk: An Ethnography of Urban Nomads [James P.

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Spradley, Merrill Singer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An account of the experiences of men who are repeatedly arrested for public drunkenness. This book challenges the idea that these men are simply rejects from society/5(5).

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You owe yourself a drunk

You Owe Yourself a Drunk is a book written by James P. Spradley. The author was an Anthropology professor at Macalester College. He is famous for his ethnographic works, qualitative researches and literatures (Benedict, 67).

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Waveland Press - You Owe Yourself a Drunk - An Ethnography of Urban Nomads by James P. Spradley