What happened to the fluid flow rate as the radius of the flow tube was increased

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What happened to the fluid flow rate as the radius of the flow tube was increased

In building a carbon atom from 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons: When separate nucleons protons and neutrons are brought together to form a nucleus, a tiny percentage of their mass is instantly converted to a large amount of energy. That energy usually measured in units of millions of electron volts, or MeV is called binding energy, because an extremely strong force inside the nucleus tightly binds the nucleons together—snaps them powerfully together—producing a burst of heat.

For example, a deuterium hydrogen-2 nucleus contains a proton and a neutron. Its nucleus has a total binding energy of about 2. If two deuterium nuclei merge to become helium, 2. The gain in binding energy becomes emitted heat.

This merging of light nuclei is called fusion. The Sun derives most of its heat by the fusion of deuterium into helium. The fusion of elements heavier than 60 AMU absorb energy.

Fission is the splitting of heavy nuclei. For example, when uranium fissions, the sum of the binding energies of the fragments is greater than the binding energy of the uranium nucleus, so energy is released.

Fission as well as fusion can be sustained only if energy is released to drive more fission or fusion.

What happened to the fluid flow rate as the radius of the flow tube was increased

When a nucleus forms, a small amount of mass is converted to binding energy, the energy emitted by the nucleus when protons and neutrons bind together.

It is also the energy required to break unbind a nucleus into separate protons and neutrons. The closer the mass of a nucleus is to the mass of an iron or nickel nucleus 60 AMUthe more binding energy that nucleus has per nucleon.

The energy is great, because c2 is huge. For example, when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, only about milligrams of mass—about one-third the mass of a U. Nuclear energy is usually released as kinetic energy. The high velocity fragments generate heat as they slow down during multiple collisions.

Stated another way, a very heavy nucleus sometimes splits, a process called fission. Fission may occur when a heavy nucleus is hit by a neutron, or even a high-energy photon particle of light. When fission happens spontaneously—without being hit—it is a type of decay.

When fission occurs, mass is lost and energy is released. Likewise, when light nuclei merge a process called fusionmass is lost and energy is released.

In an atom bomb, uranium or plutonium nuclei split fission. In a hydrogen bomb, hydrogen nuclei merge fuse to become helium. Fission inside nuclear reactors produces many free neutrons. Water is an excellent substance for absorbing the energy of fast neutrons and thereby producing heat, because water is cheap and contains so much hydrogen.

The heat can then boil water to produce steam that spins a turbine and generates electricity.As the right flow tube radius is increased, fluid flow rate increases.

This is analogous to dilation of blood vessels in the human body. Even though the pump pressure remains constant, the pump rate increases as the radius of the right flow tube is increased. This happens because the resistance to . BA - biological assessment.. Back pressure.

A pressure that can cause water to backflow into the water supply when a user's water system is at a higher pressure than the public water system..

Backfill. Material used in refilling excavation, or the process of such grupobittia.comal used to fill an excavated trench.

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Backfill concrete. The Physics of Flow Paul Clements, SpR in Anaesthetics, Hope Hospital, Salford, UK. Flow is usually considered to be laminar when a fluid flows through a tube and the rate of flow is low. This is therefore the type of flow we would expect to see when a increased (changing the tube from an 8mm to a 4mm may reduce flow by up to.

This glossary provides the wildland fire community a single source for wildland fire and incident management terminology commonly used by the NWCG and its subgroups. As evidenced in this lab, when flow tube radius was increased, the flow rate was also increased.

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They are directly proportional. As evidenced from the text, when flow tube radius increases in a blood vessel, the flow rate is much more free flowing and flows a lot quicker as the radius is increased. Ferrari Primer. Although the price of used Ferraris increased across the board after the release of the , the Ferrari Spider is still a reasonably priced exotic car.

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