Three prong thesis writing

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Three prong thesis writing

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. You could approach your essay by comparing and contrasting the top three states in terms of prison overcrowding in the United States, these are Alabama, California and Massachusetts.

Research and examine the both common and unique aspects of overcrowding in these three penal systems and what step if any are being used or considered in correcting the problem, i. You can argue how effective such solutions are or how likely measures being considered will be effective in helping to alleviate the problem.

You can also examine New York State who have initiated an early release program and have repealed the harsh sentencing guideline of the "Rockefeller Drug Laws" passed in the early s to get tough on drug abuse and mandated long prison sentences.

After your research you can evaluate the evidence and make your arguments, is anything being done, is enough being done, is what is being done effective, offer alternative solutions if any come to mind or are suggested in your research, what are the consequences of those solutions, i.

What are the consequences of continued overcrowding? Also examine how the problem is viewed by management the state vs.

Most states have a web site for their department of corrections and officer and staff unions will gladly provide their perspective, both all biased to a certain degree. I would avoid the argument of too many benefits, most of these "benefits" are designed to occupy the inmates time and energy with other activities and reduce stress and the level of violence which endangers staff.

I hope this helps. I have ten years experience working in correctional facilities in New York and Florida so I am familiar with the situation.Basic Thesis Statement Help. A very basic but effective thesis statement is the "three prong" thesis.

For most high school writing, it will suffice, though more sophisticated writers learn to transcend this. Nov 10,  · Unless instructed to write one, avoid the "three-prong" thesis that presents three points to be discussed later.

Three prong thesis writing

These thesis statements usually limit your analysis too much and give your argument a formulaic M. Writing & Reading Helpsite.

How to Write a Three Prong Thesis | Synonym

Search this site. Welcome. 20% Project. Brainstorming Guide. Endless Possibilities. Implementation Plan. (or three prong) A thesis is not: it is surface-level because I am only writing about the importance of a specific plot point to the overall story.

All I can talk about is what might have happened if they.

Three prong thesis writing

Argumentative Writing. Argumentative writing includes an opinion of a topic that is well-supported by three claims and includes the counterargument (concession) of the topic Complete the thesis statement using a three prong structure to show the evidence you will discuss in .

Sep 19,  · From there, you can begin the process of writing, revising, and reorganizing again. So, to summarize: Find your prongs; Pick the prong you consider the most promising and snip off the rest; Brainstorm on your newly unified thesis, and begin writing again.

A thesis statement is an idea that you state and prove to your readers. Write a three prong thesis to describe your argument and back it up with three points. Use proper essay structure for your thesis. Pre-write your thesis by outlining your ideas. Use the bubble method of brainstorming to come up.

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