The similarities and differences between the french revolution and the russian revolution

The contribution of French revolution in creating worldwide awareness of democratic ideas, and creating the will to fight oppression, is invaluable. After the French revolution happened no monarchy in Europe was in a position to take their power for granted.

The similarities and differences between the french revolution and the russian revolution

One thing that soon becomes clear to any one interested in anarchism is that there is not one single form of anarchism. Rather, there are different schools of anarchist thought, different types of anarchism which have many disagreements with each other on numerous issues.

This means that anarchists, while all sharing a few key ideas, can be grouped into broad categories, depending on the economic arrangements that they consider to be most suitable to human freedom.

However, all types of anarchists share a basic approach. To quote Rudolf Rocker: Within the Socialist movement itself the Anarchists represent the viewpoint that the war against capitalism must be at the same time a war against all institutions of political power, for in history economic exploitation has always gone hand in hand with political and social oppression.

The exploitation of man by man and the domination of man over man are inseparable, and each is the condition of the other. The main differences are between "individualist" and "social" anarchists, although the economic arrangements each desire are not mutually exclusive.

Of the two, social anarchists communist-anarchists, anarcho-syndicalists and so on have always been the vast majority, with individualist anarchism being restricted mostly to the United States.

In this section we indicate the differences between these main trends within the anarchist movement. As will soon become clear, while social and individualist anarchists both oppose the state and capitalism, they disagree on the nature of a free society and how to get there. In a nutshell, social anarchists prefer communal solutions to social problems and a communal vision of the good society i.

Individualist anarchists, as their name suggests, prefer individual solutions and have a more individualistic vision of the good society.

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However, we must not let these difference cloud what both schools have in common, namely a desire to maximise individual freedom and end state and capitalist domination and exploitation. In addition to this major disagreement, anarchists also disagree over such issues as syndicalism, pacifism, "lifestylism," animal rights and a whole host of other ideas, but these, while important, are only different aspects of anarchism.

The similarities and differences between the french revolution and the russian revolution

Beyond a few key ideas, the anarchist movement like life itself is in a constant state of change, discussion and thought -- as would be expected in a movement that values freedom so highly.

The most obvious thing to note about the different types of anarchism is that "[n]one are named after some Great Thinker; instead, they are invariably named either after some kind of practice, or, most often, organisational principle.

Anarchists like to distinguish themselves by what they do, and how they organise themselves to go about doing it. Far from it, as can be seen in section A.

Anarchists simply recognise that to call your theory after an individual is a kind of idolatry. Anarchists know that even the greatest thinker is only human and, consequently, can make mistakes, fail to live up to their ideals or have a partial understanding of certain issues see section H.

Moreover, we see that the world changes and, obviously, what was a suitable practice or programme in, say, industrialising France of the s may have its limitations in 21st century France!What are the differences and similarities between the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution?

The similarities are that the French leader, Louis XVI, and the Russian leader, Nicholas II were both rulers who didn't really want to be the ones in charge.

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Transcript of The Similarities and Differences Between the 3 Revolutions: Differences The differences between the revolutions would be the different ways in which they were treated. Haiti's people were treated with more cruelty and brutal murders by masters.

French Revolution. It is an allegory for the Russian Revolution. Here is a link to to Shmoop's analysis of the similarities. • Makes several direct, relevant comparisons between or among revolution causes.

• Consistently analyzes relevant similarities and differences in causes of revolutions. • Applies relevant knowledge of other regions or world historical processes.

The French Revolution started between the French lower class and the French government. It then evolved into the French fighting against other monarchies in Europe such as Austria and Prussia.

Another smaller difference is that the French Revolution was more violent and bloody. Comparison Between the Russian and Spanish Empires Essay Sample. Empire-building in both the Spanish and Russian empires occurred during the New Imperialism Age; while both empires were politically and socially different, both desired to expand to further their economies and strengthen their international role.

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