The idea of spanking a child as a form of discipline

A recent study reveals a connection between spanking in childhood and mental health diagnoses later in life. Could this contribute to why elder abuse is so prevalent?

The idea of spanking a child as a form of discipline

The study, which was published in the Journal of Family Psychologyfollowed approximatelychildren over a year span, making it the most complete analysis to date of this controversial form of punishment.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the authors of the study, Elizabeth Gershoff and Andrew Grogan Kaylor, gathered together the outcomes and found that now, as adults, the group that had been spanked as children were more likely to exhibit anti-social behavior and suffer from health problems.

Going further, the two also believe that this form of punishment does elicit the same types of symptoms that abuse survivors experience.

Yet our research shows that spanking is linked with the same negative child outcomes as abuse, just to a slightly lesser degree. A word from the spanking advocates After reading about this study, you may be saying to yourself: Well, I was spanked, and I turned out just fine!

One of the most vocal spanking advocates around is Christian-based Focus on the Family, an organization which was originally founded by psychologist James Dobson back in the seventies.

Diana Baumrind from the University of California, a psychologist who has made a career out of researching authoritative disciplining methods. What a complex issue this is! Take a look at Science. Our kids are the futureafter all! What are your thoughts regarding this form of discipline?

Do you believe that spanking is effective? Were you spanked as a child? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!As parents we are responsible to control the atmosphere of a spanking and to generate the warmth and the love which is essential to biblical discipline.

the spanking process is removed from its context in the parent-child relationship. rejection. mother of Charles and John Wesley.

The idea of spanking a child as a form of discipline

PARENTING To Spank or Not to Spank By Ross Campbell. – There will always be controversy surrounding the form of discipline known as spanking.

On balance, we must say that spanking has its good sides and its bad. On the good side, it certainly gets quick results, particularly in the case of young children. Spanking Verses Child Abuse 1 Spanking Verses Child Abuse The Effectiveness of Loving Discipline Western International University COM Effective Persuasive Writing David Scharn October 16, Spanking Verses Child Abuse 2 The common misconception that spanking is a form of child abuse affects the proper discipline of today's youth.

Some. The effects of spanking children. Spanking babies is a bad idea, and a potentially dangerous one.

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Research reveals that some parents routinely spank infants under the . 61% of parents condone spanking as a "regular form of punishment" for young children, according to a different study.

Clearly, the majority of parents say they spank their kids. Physically punishing your child can be perceived as a form of bullying, sending the message to your child that this is an effective way to get others to do things your way.

New Study Finds Spanking Is Good for Kids