Rh bill is this really the

Our country is facing again a very serious issue which is the RH Bill that affects our moral values and its culture. This is really a serious issue and could really change our life as a Filipino. Most of us Filipinos are very naive about this and most probably has no idea of what possible effects that could destroy our true Filipino morality with the concern of reproduction and sex.

Rh bill is this really the

The matter is maligned further by most of the observers when they equate their stand to their religious expression of faith.

The Relatively Neutral Provisions

To be Pro-life is to go against RH-Bill unanimously. If you are a Catholic, you are already branded as Anti-RH even if your personal opinion says you are not. For some, to be worthy Christians you must junk the RH-Bill. To shorten my observation about what is happening in the RH-bill tale-of-the-tape, it seems that most Filipinos side to their opinion without even reading or understanding the RH-Bill.

Rh bill is this really the

With these, the purpose of this paper is to encourage the reader to become a skeptic, reading and understanding first the RH-bill, and setting aside any of your misconceptions for both Pro and Anti-RH.

This article should also serve as a brainstorming material, highlighting both the good and the bad about the current provisions in the RH-bill. First, my stand is: Change the provisions that I will mention in this article before I say yes to RH-bill. I am a Provision Skeptic. Second, I will not argue using religion.

My approach is more pragmatic and logical. You just need to think and use your common sense to understand things. Furthermore, I advise you to read first the whole RH-Bill at http: This is the time to understand the RH-bill objectively.

I support natural methods of family planning but if that is not applicable to a certain family then artificial methods can be used as well. Pills and IUDs should only be used upon the advise of a doctor.

There should be stricter rules on the use of chemical contraceptives so that it will not be used as an abortifacient. Fourth, I am not connected in any of the two camps. As long as there are provisions in the RH-bill that needs to be worked out, the Provision Skeptic will say no to RH-bill.

To further demarcate the differences in opinion, please look at the following: Therefore we need to improve the RH-bill before we pass it into a law.

The Relatively Neutral Provisions Based on my own review, the sections listed below are relatively neutral in its position, with some of them having a good intention.

Note mentioning are the provisions that ensure services for Maternal and newborn care as well as obstetrical emergencies. Also, the ideal family size was set to 2 children per family.

Rh bill is this really the

The family size is non-compulsory, and no punishment will be given for those who will not comply.Aug 14,  · Reproductive Health Bill: Good or Bad?

August 14, It’s been almost 14years since RH bill was proposed to congress in ; countless debates have been going on ever since on whether it would really benefit the country and our people?

The Reproductive Health bill, or popularly known as RH bill, is the Philippine Bill which aims to guarantee universal access to methods and information on birth control and maternal care - What RH Bill is all about?

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I assume by the RH bill you mean the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health act of in the Philippines, as that was the first thing that came up in my Google search, as you failed to make it clear what you meant. As proposed in the bill, core subjects include responsible parenthood, natural and modern family planning, proscription and hazards of abortion, reproductive health and sexual rights, abstinence before marriage, and responsible sexuality.

The Reproductive Health Bill (RH-Bill) is around for decades and it created a lot of debates and noise about topics on womens' rights, involvement of church/religion in social issues, and ethics.

Most have taken the issue in an all-or-none fashion, viewing the issue in a polarity of Pro-RH and Anti-RH. The matter is maligned further.

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