Process management master thesis template

Historical development[ edit ] Medieval era to 18th century[ edit ] The master's degree dates back to the origin of European universities, with a Papal bull of decreeing that anyone admitted to the mastership in the University of Toulouse should be allowed to teach freely in any other university. The original meaning of the master's degree was thus that someone who had been admitted to the rank degree of master i. This gradually became formalised as the licentia docendi licence to teach.

Process management master thesis template

Stuckenschmidt offers topics from the areas listed in the following. For the other chairs of the DWS group a selection of concrete topics are presented below. Smart Process Technologies Today the majority of data available is produced by processes in terms of log files from software systems and readings from sensors that are observing processes in the physical world.

process management master thesis template

We want to develop technologies that use this data as well as explicit process models to improve process performance and support users involved in the process. On the technical side, topics of interest include the generation of process models from log data process miningthe validation and comparison of process models as well as the prediction of process behavior.

We are further interested in case studies on supporting business and also personal processes using process data and models. Candidates will either adapt and apply data analysis methods to real world processes or develop case studies in process optimization and guidance.

We expect basic programming skills and knowledge in business process management and corresponding modelling languages. Interested Students should contact Professor Stuckenschmidt heiner at informatik.

Christian Bartelt bartelt at es. Decision Theory has been developed as a formal framework for supporting such decision by quantifying uncertainty and risks and providing methods for computing expected benefits of decisions. We are interested in implementing and applying methods from decision theory to problems in data analysis and information management.

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Candidates will typically investigate the state of the art in logical and probabilistic methods for decision theory, implement or adapt an existing method and apply it to a given decision problem.

We expect solid programming skills in JAVA, knowledge in probability theory and statistics as well as basic knowledge of formal logic. Melisachew Chekol mel at informatik.

Information Management and Mining for the Finance Sector In the financial sector, investment decisions are typically based on detailed information about sectors, markets and companies. In order to support investment decisions, this information has to be found, integrated, managed and analyzed.

We offer theses on topics in financial information management and mining, whose main focus will be on conducting studies on: Candidates will typically investigate the state of the art in information extraction and mining, implement and adapt suitable methods and apply them to a relevant information source or case study.

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We expect solid programming skills in Java and knowledge in information retrieval or text analytics as well as a basic understanding of Semantic Web Technologies. IT Service Management IT service management ITSM is concerned with the implementation of quality IT services that meet the needs of customers, and is performed by the IT service provider through an appropriate mix of people, process and information technology.

In cooperation with the RUM — the main provider of IT services for the University of Mannheim — we offer different topics for master theses that are concerned with the improvement of service provision. Candidates will typically investigate existing structures and processes at the RUM, compare them to the state of the art and other organizations and propose improvements.

We expect some knowledge in IT- Management and Organization as well as basic knowledge about modern IT infrastructures. Available, ongoing and completed Masterthesis Page 1 of 3.The AHP Excel template works under Windows OS and Excel version MS Excel The workbook consists of 20 input worksheets for pair-wise comparisons, a sheet for the consolidation of all judgments, a summary sheet to display the result, a sheet with reference tables (random index, limits for geometric consistency index GCI, judgment scales) and a sheet for solving the eigenvalue problem when.

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The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the Writing Lab at Purdue. Masters Thesis Proposal Outline INTRODUCTION (1 PAGE) • What is the general topic area • Why this topic is relevant/important (how important to sociologists, to the broader.

With more than years of excellence in education, Alcorn State University has been renowned among historically black colleges and universities. an evaluation method for Business Process Management products.

process management master thesis template

This chapter is further structured as follows: Section presents the motivation of this work, Section states the objectives of this thesis, Section presents the approach adopted in the development of this thesis and.

Master Thesis assignment The highly automated production lines of modern poultry processors process broilers per hour. Each broiler has its own quality specifications and unique weight, which determines its destination and potential value.

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