Pass fail by linda pastan

Wednesday, April 8, Poetry Response 1: From my analysis I found that the poem was a memory the narrator was recalling and telling someone about.

Pass fail by linda pastan

Pass/Fail -Linda Pastan by Chris Pinto on Prezi

If they told me my marks I would snap back at them: But then I'm a man. Does that make a difference? However I don't think that the part about 'dropping out' means that she will leave her family I believe it means that she will no longer take the marks she receives and that she will fight the system that believes that every mother should take the criticism she receives.

Pass fail by linda pastan

The list of her roles implies the many things expected of her The 3 different grading systems she shows, details the difficulties of multiple standards I dont believe she is leaving in any way This poem is showing that even teens who have good grades and are doing well in school still dropout.

Also that children watch there parents every step and move they make, and judge them accordingly so if the parents dont finish things in school then their children wont.

This poem is actually an intresting poem you just have to dig to get a deeper meaning. But instead about going against convention and finding your own way. No longer playing by the rules others have created but instead doing what is best for you.

Pass/Fail -Linda Pastan by Chris Pinto on Prezi

Everytime I realize something different than the last. I love the mood in this poem it's great. Thanks for the smile! And why is it titled Marks and not grades perhaps she her self is a cutter or that the marks are a symbolism upon her symbolic profile.

Think about it my friend and I pondered it for a while.Marks by Linda Pastan was my favorite poem of the group and affected me the most because of the way that Pastan takes a problematic subject and adds a special twist to the takes a grading system that is usually used in schools and applies it to her family,but she is not grading her is describing what she thinks her grade are,according to her poem really.

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Ploughshares Winter Guest-Edited by Philip Levine - Kindle edition by Jennifer Haigh, Ehud Havazalet, Billy Collins, Yusef Komunyakaa, Linda Pastan, Terese Svoboda, Lucia Perillo, Tomas Q.

Morin, Alice Friman, Philip Levine. Download it once and Author: Jennifer Haigh, Ehud Havazalet, Billy Collins.

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Nov 18,  · Linda Pastan is an American poet of Jewish background. She is known for writing short poems that address topics like family life, domesticity, motherhood, the female experience, aging, death, loss and the fear of loss, as well as the fragility of life and relationships.

Marks (Linda Pastan Poems) My husband gives me an Afor last night’s supper,an incomplete for my ironing,a B plus in son says I am average,an average mother, but ifI put my mind to itI could daughter believesin Pass/Fail and tells meI pass.

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