Pak-china economic corridor essay help

Background[ edit ] Plans are for a corridor stretching from the Chinese border to Pakistan's deep water ports on the Arabian Sea date back to the s, and motivated construction of the Karakoram Highway beginning in Expansion of Gwadar Port then ceased thereafter owing to political instability in Pakistan following the fall of General Pervez Musharraf and subsequent conflict between the Pakistani state and Taliban militants. A cargo train loaded with tonnes of commodities left Kunming for the port city of Guangzhou from where the cargo will be loaded on ships and transported to Karachimarking the opening of the new route. Gwadar Port Complex[ edit ] Main article:

Pak-china economic corridor essay help

Overview[ edit ] Karakoram Highway connects the two states, it is also sometimes referred to as the Eighth Wonder of the World. Pakistan has a long and strong relationship with China.

The long-standing ties between the two countries have been mutually beneficial.

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A close identity of views and mutual interests remain the centre-point of bilateral ties. Since the Sino-Indian WarPakistan has supported China on most issues of importance to the latter, especially those related to the question of China's sovereignty like TaiwanXinjiangand Tibet and other sensitive issues such as human rights.

Pakistan helped China in reestablishing formal ties with the West, where they helped make possible the Nixon visit to China. Pakistan has also served as a conduit for China's influence in the Muslim world.


China also has a consistent record of supporting Pakistan in regional issues. Pakistan's military depends heavily on Chinese armamentsand joint projects of both economic and militaristic importance are ongoing.

China has supplied equipment to support Pakistan's nuclear program. Relations prior to the founding of the modern states of Pakistan and the PRC[ edit ] Buddhist monks from the area of what is now Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region of Pakistan were involved in the Silk Road transmission of Buddhism to Han dynasty China.

Faxian travelled in what is now modern-day Pakistan. Japan's history of imperialism was explained by Du to his fellow Muslims. The Chinese Muslim's anti-Japanese war effort received a pledge of support from Jinnah.

Diplomatic relations between Pakistan and China were established on 21 Mayshortly after the Republic Of China lost power in the Mainland in India had recognized China a year before, and Indian Prime Minister Nehru also hoped for closer relations with the Chinese.

With escalating border tensions leading to the Sino-Indian warChina and Pakistan aligned with each other in a joint effort to counter India and the Soviet Union as both have border disputes with India.

One year after China's border war with India, Pakistan ceded the Trans-Karakoram Tract to China to end border disputes and improve diplomatic relations.


Since then, an informal alliance that initially consisted of joint Indian opposition[ clarification needed ] has grown into a lasting relationship that has benefited both nations on the diplomatic, economic and military frontiers.

Along with diplomatic support, Pakistan served as a conduit for China to open up to the West. China has in turn provided extensive economic aid and political support to Pakistan. Disputed territory ceded to China in Henry Kissinger was on a secret mission to China facilitated by the Government of Pakistana fact known to very few people including Ambassador Hilaly.

Since the two sides established their "all-weather diplomatic relations", there have been frequent exchanges between the two countries' leadership and peoples.

For example, former Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai received warm welcomes in all of his four visits to Pakistan.

pak-china economic corridor essay help

Upon arriving at the ministry, the ambassador cried due to his grief in front of Chinese diplomats. It is the first road in Pakistan that is named after foreign leaders.

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On 22 MayChinese Premier Li Keqiang 's airplane was escorted by six JF Thunder jets, jointly developed by the two countries, as it entered Pakistani airspace. On 20 AprilChinese President Xi Jinping visited Pakistan as his first foreign visit of the year, also the first by a Chinese president in 9 years.

Before his arrival, he published an article praising the friendship on Pakistani newspapers like Daily Jang.CPEC: Challenges and Opportunities for Pakistan Massarrat Abid Ayesha Ashfaq Challenges and Opportunities for Pakistan China-Pakistan Economic Corridor plan will help Pakistan to become one of the most strategically important countries in the region.

It will also provide an. How will CPEC boost Pakistan economy?

Pak china corridor essay help

Background According to Pakistan Economic Survey , the volume of trade between Pakistan and China has increased to $16 billion. China’s exports to Pakistan increased by ten percent during the five years from to China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (Chinese: 中国-巴基斯坦经济走廊; Urdu: پاكستان-چین اقتصادی راہداری ‬ ‎; also known by the acronym CPEC) is a collection of infrastructure projects that are currently under construction throughout Pakistan.

Originally valued at $46 billion, the value of CPEC projects is now worth $62 grupobittia.comy: China, Pakistan. For the economic corridor to reach its potential, however, there are security and political challenges in Pakistan that must be addressed.

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Pak china economic corridor essay.

pak-china economic corridor essay help

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