Mi lengua y las de otros essay

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Mi lengua y las de otros essay

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They have been traveling all over the U. Spanish heritage in the US, when considered at all, is often thought about exclusively in terms of a handful of figures we might have learned about in our grade school history classes: Very few people in the United States know that tens of thousands of Spaniards came to this country as immigrants in the last decades of the nineteenth century and the first decades of the twentieth.

These Spaniards were part and parcel of the vast diaspora of Europeans who crossed the Atlantic in those same years in search of opportunity. Naturally enough, the vast majority of those roughly four million Spaniards emigrated to points in Spanish-speaking America — Buenos Aires alone received about 2 million of them!

But a significant number of Spaniards would end up in the United States as well, many having re-emigrated to this country after stints in Spanish-speaking America, others coming directly from Spain, in some cases having been recruited by agents representing specific trades or industries.

When compared to other national groups — Irish, Germans, Italians or Poles, for example — the Spaniards were just a drop in the vast bucket of US immigration. And like many members of those other larger groups, the Spaniards and their descendants were pretty much assimilated into mainstream US culture in a generation or two.

And their stories might have been lost to us forever, had it not been for a most unfortunate event that occurred just before that assimilation began in earnest. This galvanization took place on two levels: The war brought a certain amount of notoriety to these somewhat invisible immigrants.

Some of these communities are better known and more studied than others. There is an abundant bibliography, for example, about Spanish cigar workers in Tampa, Florida, or the Basque sheepherders and inn-keepers of the Western states eg California, Idaho, Nevada.

Other enclaves, though no less interesting, are much less known and studied: Many of those sugar-workers re-emigrated from Hawaii to California, and, by the time the war breaks out in Spain, we will find their immigrant associations organizing fundraising dances and picnics in places like Hollister, Monterey, Vacaville, Winters, and Rocklin.

From there, they quickly made their way to Winters to join relatives. He brought with him pepper seeds.

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Every year he planted his peppers and saved the seed for the next year. As he aged, my father took over the responsibility of planting the peppers and saving the seed, year after year. By the end of April, the plants are ready to put in the ground.

This year I planted about 75 plants for my own consumption, eating them fresh or roasted and peeled and freezing the excess. All of the rest of the plants, I gave away. I posted on Facebook that I had the Spanish pepper plants to give away and I had a tremendous response from Spanish descendants that were elated to find the same peppers that they remembered their parents and grandparents growing.

I already have my seeds drying for next year. Then, pick, cut away the flesh, and let the seeds dry.Se observan rasgos de los temas/estilos de X en la obra de (otro autor).

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“La ilustre fregona y Las dos doncellas de Cervantes: el despotismo de la tradición y la identidad". of poems All translations into Spanish by Jorge R.

G. Sagastume and are accompanied by a scholarly introductory essay. This is a critical and fully annotated edition. A refereed publication. En busca de mi lengua (In Search of my grupobittia.com /profile/publications. Ensayo. El derecho a la educación: su alcance, exigibilidad y relevancia para la política educativa.

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Mi lengua y las de otros essay

Investigador titular C, definitivo, tiempo completo, del Instituto de Investigaciones sobre la Universidad y la Educación de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. · Escritura argumentativa en alumnos de secundaria: conocimiento sobre el discurso y rendimiento en la escritura La escritura argumentativa es una tarea de resolución de problemas (Bereiter & Scardamalia, Bereiter, C., & Scardamalia, M.