Mattel and toy safety 2 essay

The toy recalls had alarmed parents and consumer activists, as well as the toy industry, retailers who marketed their products, and product safety regulators. I will address the following circumstances that involved Mattel and their safety issues. Do I believe that Mattel acted in a socially responsible and ethical manner with regard to the safety of its toys?

Mattel and toy safety 2 essay

Ethics can be defined as moral principles that guides the way a person or a Mattel and toy safety 2 essay behaves. Basically the products or actions of a person or a business should be a benefit to society and The Mattel Company took pride in being just that.

Even though Mattel had to recall a lot of its products, I do believe they acted socially responsible and ethically. Mattel tested its products in their own testing facilities and in other special test labs to ensure the safety and quality of its products, and had specifically targeted lead based paint.

Once Mattel found out that some of its products contained harmful lead based paint and the magnets in some of its products could be a safety concern, the company had an immediate recall of the products contaminated.

Mattel used several outlets such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission, regulating agencies from all over the world and newspapers to address the issue of the lead based paint in its products and the magnet problem.

Mattel also made it possible for consumers of their products to have access to outlets in which they can return the contaminated products for a refund or a safer replacement product. Mattel did do a lot to ensure the safety and quality of their products, but, they could have taken even further steps to avoid this situation.

For one, Mattel should has done research on the on the Chinese firms outside contractors. Even though some of these contractors had been audited, they replaced the approved paint for the lead based paint.

So Mattel should have kept a closer eye on these subcontractors in order to maintain their good image with society. Mattel cannot be solely at fought for this recall; the Mattel Company was also a victim in this situation.

Who or what do you believe was responsible for the fact that children where exposed to potentially dangerous toys? Why do you think so?

This is a hard question because there are several entities that can be blamed for this recall. Number one is those that are responsible for consumer product safety. The Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC is an independent federal regulating agency who assumes the responsibility of protecting the public from dangerous products.

This agency was created in with the Consumer Product Safety Act. It is the job of this regulating agency to make sure that products are safe for public use, but it seems the dropped the ball on the Mattel toy recall.

Mattel and toy safety 2 essay

The case study states that the CPSC was severely underfunded and understaffed. Needless to say with the amount of product that come through the ports and the number of ports used in the U. Another player that has responsibility in exposing children to potentially harmful products toys is the Chinese government.

The enforcement of lead standards in China was not enforced, so the companies did as they wanted when it came to lead based paint. The magnet situation of more of a product design malfunction, according to the case study, so that can be easily taken care of, however, the lead base paint issue is one of enforcement.

If the Chinese government had adequate enforcement of lead paint regulations, which is better than that of the U. The most responsible for this recall is the Mattel Company.

Regardless of regulation inspectors and audits, they owe it to the stakeholders of the company to ensure that the products that they are manufacturing are safe. That is what social responsibility and ethics are based upon. This is a challenge because the majority toys in this country are manufactured in other countries such as China and Asia.

Federal regulation can ensure that there are uniform standards for toy manufacturing. These toys must be tested for compliance of regulation and the testing must be done by the CPSC.

It is also in the best interest of other countries to enforce regulation on toy manufactures. Since toys are a big export for other countries such as China and Asia, they would want to be in good standing with the U.

The consumer advocates can influence regulation and keep the public informed on issues of child toy safety. These stakeholders can have a profound effect on regulation of a company. They can listen to input form stakeholders on issues that could make their products safer.

They also can follow the requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Commission closely or even go a step beyond the CPSC regulations to ensure that their toys are safe for kids. The toy industry could also be shown as a leader in toy safety by collaborating with foreign manufactures to push their toy safety regulation to coincide with that of the U.

They could hold international regulation meetings and have input on the regulation of toy safety that can have influence on policy. Since the increase of imported toys, the rate of injury to kids playing with toys has increased.

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Accountability of the toy industry is a must to bring toy safety to a minimum. Corporate negligence of the sub-contractors of toy manufactures need to be recognized and investigated thoroughly to insure toy safety.

The CPSC and the toy industry should be held responsible and held accountable for those that are put in danger by these toys. If both the CPSC and the toy industry are held accountable for the time laps of getting the information to the public it would improve toy safety.

What do you think is to best way for society to protect children from harmful toys?Mattel should continue to identify possible problems, enforce strict manufacturing regulations to produce safe toys, reassure consumers that child safety and product safety is the bottom line, and collaborate with international suppliers and government agencies to ensure public well-being.

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In this paper, Mattel’s toy safety behaviors and its social responsibilities are going to be addressed in light of the crisis faced by the company due to the product recall.

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