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AD Vindolanda gets its first stone fort - garrison unknown - possibly North African AD Fort 8 A smaller base is built over the old town and the old fort site is covered with circular huts making a new native style town at Vindolanda AD Severan campaign The Emperor Septimius Severus brings a large army to Britain to subdue the barbarians in the north, he dies in York of the flu in AD Betrothal Medallion A betrothal medallion is tossed into the toilet drain of the Severan commander's house, perhaps representing a broken engagement or broken heart AD Fort 8 is torn down Fort number 8 is carefully dismantled by its garrison, the wells are filled in and the site abandoned AD Fort 9 The Forth Cohort of Gauls come to Vindolanda and build the last fort at the site over the demolished ruins of the circular huts AD A child is murdered in a barrack room at Vindolanda and buried under the floor. AD AD Abandonment Vindolanda is abandoned, the town is derelict and the fort granaries are torn down and made useless AD Reoccupation Vindolanda stone fort is rebuilt, smaller community moves inside the walls of the last fort, no longer uses the town outside the walls.

John dolan writing assistance

It has been a busy winter for talking about rare book crime, mostly thanks to one man: The dismantling of his short-lived theft empire has been fodder for news outlets the world over, while the story of his excellent forgery of a Galileo book was just the subject of a long New Yorker piece.

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Separately, john dolan writing assistance United States was recently treated to its own rare book news-making event, though not of the illicit sort: This all put me in the mind of an earlier tale that combined forgery, theft, and the earliest American imprint in one stranger-than-fiction saga.

On March 14,Mark Hofmann, a Utah man just starting to make a name for himself in East Coast book collecting circles, phoned Justin Schiller, a New York rare book dealer with whom he had a relationship. A small broadside a single sheet of paper, not much bigger than a greeting card it was created at the same Cambridge Press as the Bay Psalm Book, around a year earlier.

john dolan writing assistance

Anyway, with tidy regularity, people get their hands on what they assume to be valuable printed relics and bring them to rare book dealers and librarians with the hope that gold can be spun for brittle beige paper. Mostly what they find is that they own old junk.

Still, expectations were low; Schiller told Hofmann he would have to see the thing in person before they proceeded.

To Hofmann this was a mixed blessing. It was definitely a potential windfall, something he badly needed. On the other hand, it meant that he would have to figure out how to create something that had not existed for three and a half centuries.

There is a formal aspect to authenticating works of recently discovered art.

john dolan writing assistance

Because provenance, one of the three pillars upon which authenticity rests, is usually lacking in found items, connoisseurship and scientific analysis have to bear most of the load. But there is also another, less formal test with found art: The person who discovered the item, or, in this case, created it, has to convince potential buyers to believe in him.

The meet-cute that supposedly put him together with this great catch has to be both incredible and believable; it has to at once explain not only how he discovered it, but why no one else before him did.

In particular, the color of the paper looked a shade too light. Still, this could be legitimately explained in a number of ways and was far from disqualifying. In general, two items from the same press, printed by the same man within a year or so of one another, could be expected to have a lot of things in common.

But of early Cambridge Press works, this is not necessarily true. In fact, given the resources of the tiny press in the just-founded colony, inconsistency was expected. It was at this point that Schiller, his bookselling partner, and Hofmann discussed the next steps — and figures.

Instead of the standard commission, Hofmann insisted that Schiller and his partner become part owners of the document. In fact, like Zinman before him, one of the only things Gilreath found disquieting was the shade of the paper, which he felt was not dark enough to match that of the Bay Psalm Book.

As it happened, the lightness of the paper would later suggest its authenticity. The only known way to artificially age iron gall ink was to heat it, a process whose byproduct was darkening paper. By that point, connoisseurship had not exposed the broadside as an obvious fake, so science was up to bat.

Among other things, a fiber analysis of the paper and x-ray fluorescence spectrometry of the ink were conducted. No one could seem to put a dent in the thing. Worse yet, Hofmann had given Schiller orders not to reveal his name to potential buyers.Red Planet Pictures Ltd is one of the UK’s most inventive and enterprising production companies, developing compelling and original projects for UK broadcasters and the international market.

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