Joe salatino case study

Leadership and Organizational Essay Leadership and Organizational Essay The first smart goals I chose are to learn to become a leader and to have better time management skills. I chose these because I work on a small unit with no assigned charge nurse. Any day you go in to work it could be your day to be charge nurse so everyone on the unit needs to be able to step up and be a leader. Time management is a skill that every nurse needs to learn.

Joe salatino case study

Evaluate which learning theory either operant conditioning, social learning theory, or the learning theory you researched in Week 3 would be most appropriate for Joe to apply in this situation and explain why. Determine how Joe could leverage an understanding of the value of self-efficacy to ensure he hires the most successful salespeople.

Use at least three 3 quality academic resources in this assignment. Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources. Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements: Check with your professor for any additional instructions.

Joe salatino case study

The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required page length. The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are: Managers and employees perception and attribution mean the difference between making and losing a sale.

The basis of attribution theory is that people want to know the reasons for the actions that they and others take; they want to attribute causes to behaviors they see rather than assuming that these behaviors are random.

This allows people to assume some feeling of control over their own behaviors and over situations. Psychologist Fritz Heider — first developed attribution theory in his book The Psychology of Interpersonal Relations. When sales professional gain the knowledge that is needed to form their perceptions and make attributions.

Forming a perception with the customer that the sales professional is competent and trustworthy will heighten the possibility of making a sale to that customer. This is considered impression management Hellriegel and Slocum.

Attribution is how individuals understand and explain causes of behavior and events including the behavior of themselves and of others pp.

To be successful in sales it takes a tremendous amount of persistence, creativity, and determination. A sales person needs to create perception that they are an authority in their line of work and can be trusted to provide their customers with accurate information on the product.

Constructivism is a learning process, which allows an individual to learn first-hand by actual doing that in which they are learning Unknown. In the case presented, by blending operant conditioning, social learning, and constructivism, Joe Salatino would develop the most optimal results.

By following these steps would allow sale professionals see what makes them successful in their career. Upon entering the organization as a new hire, the training portion of the onboarding process should include the blended learning theories as noted above.Rhetorical Speech Strategies (Essay Sample) Instructions: The course is Communication and the text we are using is Introduction to Communication Theory: Analysis and Application 4th edition by Richard West and Lynn p53 and skin carcinomas with skull base invasion: a case-control study.

Authors: Claudio R Cernea Alberto R Ferraz Inês V de Castro Miriam N Sotto Angela F Logullo Carlos E Bacchi André S Potenza. A case study explaining the approach was written up as part of the annual report for the initiative and has been selected for publication on the NCCPE site along with some supporting resources.

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Joe Salatino, President of Great Northern American Case Study ; Great Northern American Case Study ;. LeeAnn Joe. Department of Kinesiology, Mississippi State University, Mississippi State, Mississippi This has also been demonstrated via a case study in humans. Summermatter S, Salatino S, Zorzato F, Beer M, Balwierz PJ, van Nimwegen E, Feige JN, Auwerx J.

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