Jane eyre as a cinderella story

Reed, her cruel, wealthy aunt. A servant named Bessie provides Jane with some of the few kindnesses she receives, telling her stories and singing songs to her.

Jane eyre as a cinderella story

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Fairy tale references in Jane Eyre 2. Significant fairy tale elements in Jane Eyre 3. A poor orphan girl that has to live with two unpleasant sisters and a wealthy but cruel aunt and suffers from domestic violence.

Traces of Beauty and the Beast can be found as well as other significant fairy tale elements. The purpose of this term paper is to reveal some of the fairy tale elements to be found in Jane Eyre and to discuss if the novel as a whole can be understood as some sort of modern fairy tale.

It is a queer mixture of the gothic novel and the romantic novel as it utilizes the mysterious and supernatural and emphasizes love and passion. Reed and her spoiled and reckless children at Gateshead Hall.

The widowed and wealthy aunt had to promise her dying husband to take care of little Jane like she was her own child but in fact she feels nothing but contempt for the girl.

Reed and her children are unkind and cruel to Jane, never tired of stressing how she is inferior to them as she neither posses any fortune nor outstanding beauty.

The fragile and plain, yet intelligent and passionate, girl suffers most from the frequent violations of her cousin John Reed. As situations escalate at Gateshead Hall Jane is sent to Lowood School, a boarding school for girls, where she shall be educated to become a governess.

Jane remains eight years at Lowood and after her education is finished she obtains a position as governess for a little French girl at a house called Thornfield.

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Master of the house is Edward Rochester, a moody and imposing man with a lot of life experience. As time goes by Jane discovers that a mystery lies within the walls of Thornfield and a number of strange incidents arouse her suspicion. Though Rochester appears to be rather rough and often bad-tempered at first he and Jane slowly start to grow an affection for each other which ends up in Rochester proposing Jane to marry him.

The wedding ceremony then ends up in tragedy as a lawyer shows up revealing that Mr. Rochester is already married to a woman named Bertha Mason.

It turns out that Bertha is a maniac and was locked up in the attic by Mr. Rochester years ago and that she is responsible for the mysterious occurences at Thornfield.

Jane eyre as a cinderella story

Rochester offers to take Jane abroad to live with him, but Jane is not willing to sacrifice her morals or self-respect for earthly pleasures and to become his mistress.

Torn between her ongoing love for Rochester and her own integrity and morals, Jane flees Thornfield in the middle of the night, with very little money and nowhere to go. After she has been wandering around for some time and almost starved she finds shelter at Moor House where the clergyman St.

John Rivers lives with his two sisters. Jane lives with them under an assumed name and obtains a position as teacher in St.

Jane decides to share the fortune with her recently discovered cousins as she regards the gaining of relatives more valuable than money. John then presses Jane to marry him and join him as a missionary on a journey to India.

Allegedly the earliest version of that story can be originated in China around A. The first would be the similar domestic situation of the two heroines.

Both Jane and Cinderella have lost their parents and have to live with unkind relatives. Reed and her wicked kids. A further similarity of both heroines is that they are both somehow inferior to their relatives. Peter Lang, ; page 87 [2] see http:For much of the novel, Jane Eyre is poor and has to take orders in the position of a servant, but she is also a kind of Cinderella- nob Famous gothic story I have been meeting with Jane Eyre a few times/5().

Critical responses to Jane Eyre over time Included here are six responses to Charlotte Bronte’s novel, Jane Eyre. They were written between , when the novel was published under the pseudonym with obvious affinities with the Cinderella story: the man stoops down, as . Pennine Moors in Brontë Country, West Yorkshire.

Charlotte Brontë, along with her family, lived in the area most of their lives. Photograph: Alamy Before Charlotte Brontë unleashed Jane Eyre on. Through the use of characters, plot, and fairy-tale elements in Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë succeeds in writing an evocative depiction of the classic Cinderella story.

From the very beginning of Jane Eyre, Jane may be viewed in the same light as a Cinderella character. A board by Jane Eyre. Jane Austen, et al. I think that there is something in the story of Cinderella that resounds in the heart of every woman.

The Live-Action Cinderella movie was so beautiful and touching, every second of it was as magical as I imagined it to be:). Jane Eyre as Cinderella In charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre, there are several paradigms that are used throughout the story; one of the most obvious is the Cinderella template.

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