How to write and publish an ebook for free

This comprehensive guide will lead you through the journey so that you know how to create an interactive ebook and how to publish and distribute the ebook to different platforms. You can provide experiences rich with reader engagement as they play touch-based games, answer questions and even participate in polls or send feedback—all inside the ebook. So you want to learn how to create an interactive ebook? Preparing interactive ebook content and material Designing and customizing ebooks for your target audience Picking ebook creators and editors to build your interactive ebook Publishing and distributing your interactive ebook 1.

How to write and publish an ebook for free

After you have spent hours, days, weeks, months, or even years—the last thing you want to happen is for someone to come along and steal your work and redistribute it or copy it. Copyright infringement is a big deal all over the world. Some companies, writers, and artists lose millions by having their work stolen or redistributed illegally.

Thankfully, there are national and international laws that are in place to help protect your work.

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In this article, I will explain how to copyright you work, and other basics about copyrighting. This will mostly deal with the Unites States copyright laws, although many things will apply to international copyrights as well. Surprisingly, you do not have to even register your work with the US copyright office to have copyright protection.

The law clearly indicates that as soon as the work is finished, you own the copyright, and therefore, have copyright protection. So as soon as you are done with your self published book or eBook, you automatically have copyright protection.

Not registering a copyright officially may be the best thing for certain publishing mediums where it would be impractical to attempt to copyright something such as a website, eBook you will distribute for free, etc.

Instead, you can simply publish and distribute your work at your will, and you still have protection. For example, if you really spend a lot of time how to write and publish an ebook for free your work, and want to ensure you get full protection and suspect you may get infringed and have to later bring a lawsuitI would highly recommend registering you work.

Registering your work can provide substantial benefit, and I would recommend anyone seeking to sell or distribute their work on a large scale to do so. Some of the benefits of taking the time and money to register your copyright include: It gives you a much better case in a court of law if someone later tries to infringe your copyright.

This will help to ensure your work is protected, and you are much more likely to win cases of infringement. It makes you work appear more professional.

It gives you peace of mind to know that you have legally protected your work, and also can freely sell or distribute it at this point, and more. The law states that there is a mandatory deposit requirement when you publish a work. You are supposed to submit a copy of the published work within 3 months of completion.

If you register your work, you can do all of this together. So while you may not have to register your copyright protection in all cases, it may definitely be beneficial to do so in some instances. Again, if you plan to publish an eBook or real book, I would highly recommend you take the time to register it.

If you live in the United States, you can register for copyright protection via the internet or mail.

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The copyright office has a great website, and you can find loads more information about what copyright protection includes, how long copyrights last, registration requirements, and much more. It may surprise you that someone out in the world may very well have written a book very similar to yours.

You may share similar ideas, phrasing, and so forth. This can happen even if you have never even read their work or vise versa. Again, it may seem unrealistic to you, but I can assure you it happens. To Copyright or Not to Copyright?

That is the Self Published Question I think the most important issues to consider are what your ultimate goals are, and whether or not you feel your copyright may be infringed and if it would bother you or financially harm you if it was. If you are creating a simple eBook to distribute for free, you may want to pass on the copyright registration process.

In this case, it may be an unnecessary expense and waste of time. If, however, you plan on selling your eBook or self published book, I would highly recommend you take the time to actually register it.

This way, you will feel more professional, have a strong legal record of your copyright, and be able to defend your work in a court of law. Again, you can find great information, and even register your work at the US copyright website.

how to write and publish an ebook for free

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An ebook is a downloadable book in an electronic format (such as PDF, EXE and others). Unlike hardcopy books, which are tangible items, ebooks are simply computer files that you can download to your PC in real time, read their content on your screen and even print in many cases.

how to write and publish an ebook for free

Learn how to create an eBook with our free eBook templates. You've already done the writing. Learn how to create an eBook with our free eBook templates. Toggle navigation. Tradecraft by ConvertKit.

Teaching everything we know to help you earn a living online. How to Create a Fantastic eBook in 48 hours (with Templates). What you are about to read are the step by step details of how we were able to learn how to self-publish a book on the Amazon Kindle store (KDP) and how it has gone on to get 5, free downloads in the first 5 days and is now selling extremely well at $ Don’t make an eBook about puppy training unless you know enough to help people and then love it enough to push it for the next five years.

f) Personalize it The best eBooks are the ones that share a personal experience about a very common topic.

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