How to write a file transfer program in java

File Transfer between 2 computers with Java In this article we will learn how to transfer files between 2 computers using Java. You may transfer any file between any 2 systems in which one system acts as a Server and the other one act as a client. You can implement the logic in making a chat application with file transfer.

How to write a file transfer program in java

how to write a file transfer program in java

It's complex and confusing and too much work for me to try to understand. In the future, please use the UBB "CODE" tag to post your code, so that indentation is preserved It never makes sense to write a whole bunch of broken code, then work to get it to compile, and then finally work to debug it.

Start small, take small steps, compile and test at every point, make sure you understand what the code is doing. You'll add new code more slowly, but you'll end up with working code in much less time.

Here's what I'd recommend: Start over from the RMI tutorial code. Make the minimum modifications such that you have a server that can send a specified file to a single client, and the client can save the file. When that works, and you've verified that the identical file is received OK on the client, then put this code aside start working on a completely separate class that breaks one of your files up into sub-files.

Again, start small, and add to the code a little at a time, testing as you go automated testing is best, using something like JUnit.

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When your file-breaker-upper works, then it's time to start combining the two. I really don't understand your requirements, but you do, so you will know how to combine these two chunks of code into one application.

Do one step at a time. Make sure everything works before moving on to the next step. Make sure you understand every line of code you write.The program asks the user to enter the file size in megabytes and transfer speed in megabit per second (mbps) and displays the file transfer time.

Design the algorithm for your solution. Write the pseudocode, draw the flowchart & activity diagram. Once you have a program that sends a message over RMI and one program that can copy a file from one directory to another it shouldn't take much to put those two together and make a file transfer program.

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Transfer a file via Socket Tag(s): Networking A client module connects to a server then a file is sent to the client. This example is very simple with no authentication and hard-coded filename! C program for file Transfer using UDP Data can be transferred between two computers using Socket programming in C.

Similarly, files can easily be sent using UDP protocol and a simple client/server.

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