How does harper lee create mood and atmosphere in chapter 10 of to kill a mockingbird

Scout provides a brief introduction to the town of Maycomb, Alabama and its inhabitants, including her widowed father Atticus Finch, attorney and state legislator; Calpurnia, their "Negro" cook and housekeeper; and various neighbors.

How does harper lee create mood and atmosphere in chapter 10 of to kill a mockingbird

How does harper lee create mood and atmosphere in chapter 10 of to kill a mockingbird

Besides that, he wore glasses. He was nearly blind in his left eye, and said left eyes were the tribal curse of the Finches. Whenever he wanted to see something well, he turned his head and looked from his right eye.

He sat in the livingroom and read. With these attributes, however, he would not remain as inconspicuous as we wished him to: This was not entirely correct: I would fight anyone from a third cousin upwards tooth and nail.

Francis Hancock, for example, knew that. Why, down at the Landing when we were coming up, Atticus Finch could beat everybody on both sides of the river.

Now keep out of the way of the carpenters. Plank might hit you. I returned to the front yard and busied myself for two hours erecting a complicated breastworks at the side of the porch, consisting of a tire, an orange crate, the laundry hamper, the porch chairs, and a small U.

When Atticus came home to dinner he found me crouched down aiming across the street. He pushed his hat to the back of his head and crossed the street. She said, Atticus, you are a devil from hell.

When Atticus returned he told me to break camp. I wished my father was a devil from hell. I sounded out Calpurnia on the subject. Why, he can do lots of things. Calpurnia scratched her head. The Methodists were trying to pay off their church mortgage, and had challenged the Baptists to a game of touch football.

One Saturday Jem and I decided to go exploring with our air-rifles to see if we could find a rabbit or a squirrel. We had gone about five hundred yards beyond the Radley Place when I noticed Jem squinting at something down the street. He had turned his head to one side and was looking out of the corners of his eyes.

Harry Johnson who drove the Mobile bus and lived on the southern edge of town. Tim was a liver-colored bird dog, the pet of Maycomb. We better go home. She followed us beyond the Radley Place and looked where Jem pointed.

Tim Johnson was not much more than a speck in the distance, but he was closer to us.

How does harper lee create mood and atmosphere in chapter 10 of to kill a mockingbird

He walked erratically, as if his right legs were shorter than his left legs. He reminded me of a car stuck in a sandbed. Calpurnia stared, then grabbed us by the shoulders and ran us home. She shut the wood door behind us, went to the telephone and shouted, "Gimme Mr.

Finch, I declare he is- old Tim Johnson, yes sirWord of the Year. Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends. It is an opportunity for us to reflect .

English 10 Drug Addiction and To Kill a Mockingbird According to Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird is a clear representation of any civilization. Drug addiction wasn’t clearly represented in To Kill a Mockingbird.

The incident with Mrs. Dubose doesn’t represent the struggles of modern day drug addicts. Irony and Love the Center of Disgrace - Disgrace is a novel by J.M.

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