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Help writing crime fiction blog

From gritty historical noir set in Belfast, to modern procedurals engaging with first world problems, to psychological thrillers exploring the timeless tensions within families and communities, Irish crime writing, like all fiction, works hard to tell a gamut of human stories.

Particularly Irish concerns do make their way into many of these stories.

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They take place in a complex political, historical, and cultural framework that lends itself to certain categories of crime fiction better than others, and aggregate to reflect common concerns mixed with unique, personal stories.

While the violence of the Troubles and the legacy of occupation is a common enough subject in Irish crime writing, recently the rise of integrated global capitalism and rapid social change have become just as frequent a subject.

Many of the procedurals to come out of Ireland over the past twenty years have directly engaged with the Celtic Tiger economy, through boom and bust. Procedurals in Northern Ireland set today seem almost designed to improve faith in the smooth operation of government agencies, while historical crime fiction set in Northern Ireland tends toward hard-boiled, noir, and even the occasional grand guignol.

Article continues after advertisement With a complex history and distinct regional variations, Irish crime fiction may be better designed for the micro than the macro—much satisfaction can be gained in immersing oneself in the stories of Belfast, as Paul French recently did in his series of crime writing in cities around the world.

Every once in awhile, though, it does us well to take a step back and marvel at a thriving scene.

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Conor Brady Brady writes a historical crime series set in turn of the century Ireland. His connections to the Garda, his long tenure as editor of the Irish Times, and his academic research into the history of policing put him in good stead when crafting twisting plots rich in historical detail.

help writing crime fiction blog

Declan Burke Both an author and champion of Irish crime writing, Burke works the mystery beat at the Irish Times as well as writing the prolific blog Crime Always Pays.

He has published six crime novels, as well as editing three collections, all characterized by his signature dark humor and noir vision. The two share a craggy coastine, a long history of piracy, and literature rather concerned with decaying manor houses H.

Her third to feature Detective Claire Boyle comes out this summer in Ireland and the UK, but readers in the US will have to stick with the first two in the series for now. The series merges the procedural with psychological suspense, grounded in a modern Ireland full of information-age dangers.

Rampant capitalism, criminal masterminds, and petty thieves grace the pages of his Celtic Tiger sagas, for the closest voice Ireland has to James Ellroy.

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His work encompasses the two main threads of Northern Irish crime fiction. His Inspector Benedict Devlin series is set along the border and concerned with the history of The Troubles, while his DI Lucy Black series deals with more contemporary issues in Ireland today, including homophobia, human trafficking, pollution, and a host of other modern ills.

Adrian McKinty Having justly gained wide-spread acclaim for his Sean Duffy series, McKinty has become the chronicler of Northern Ireland in the 80s through his darkly humorous and terribly cool procedurals.

His journalism is just as hard-hitting and socially conscious as his mysteries. Stuart Neville Neville first came to my attention with his revenge noir The Ghosts of Belfast, exploring the lingering wounds of a divided city.

His work has since focused on more universal police procedural concerns, including trafficking, migration, domestic violence, a burdened social welfare system, and other contemporary issues. Her next book, Lying In Wait, comes out this summer and promises to be just as…unsettling.The Center for Fiction is pleased to announce that their one-of-a-kind writing program, The Crime Fiction Academy (CFA), is one of the most recent recipients of an Amazon Grant.

The grant program, offered by, provides funding for exceptional nonprofit author and publisher groups that, “foster the creation, discussion, and. Contemporary Irish crime writing’s concern with Irish history not only reflects fiction’s part in processing historical trauma, but also, as anyone who reads Scandinavian crime fiction already knows, helps to make a fictional crime more plausible in a nation marked by a low modern-day homicide rate.

how to getting started with crime writing - ideas - characters - structure - POV - psychic distance - dialogue. to kill is to taste your own death and revenge is a cold loveless thing.

help writing crime fiction blog

Writing crime is definitely a different kind of beast, as I found out when writing "Desecration" last year. Murder mystery takes intricate plotting, you need to set up multiple characters who might be responsible, and you need to have an original spin to stand out in this popular genre.

Today crime writer Holly Cave is joining me for Crime Writers In Cafes Procrastinating. In this feature I find out the lengths writers go to procrastinate when they should actually be writing, and how they (finally) manage to win against the temptation of procrastination to finish their books.

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