Growing college gap essay

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Growing college gap essay

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Click here to post. Looking further into her claim, Draut reveals the struggles that low-income high school students applying to a four-year college or university face.

Specifically, the article talks about enrollment gaps between class and race due to financial issues and the increase of high school students applying to colleges and universities across the nation.

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Draut begins her article by explaining the different outcomes that occur from specific levels of education. First, she shows the lifetime economic gains that different degrees, ranging from high Growing college gap essay to PhD, will make.

Specifically, Draut explains that those who cannot get into a higher education program will not have the opportunity to have a higher paying job. In order to understand the claims that Draut makes in her article, it is imperative that one knows about the history of college financial aid within the United States.

Growing college gap essay

To do this, Draut explains the origins of financial aid, starting with the GI Bill. Next, there was the Higher Education Act of HEAwhich was based solely around the idea that college education should be accessible to any U.

The last specific grant system that Draut talks about are Pell Grants, which provide low-income students with aid in order to close the socioeconomic achievement gap facing the United States. Today, most federal aid is based off of merit in addition to financial need. Students who come from a low-income household are less likely to receive these scholarships.

This is a problem because the U. Thus, the financial aid system within the U.

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Draut provides a few different statistics about the cost of college: Federal aid for students, however, has not increased at the same rating, which means that students who qualify for financial-aid will receive a reduced amount.

Overstudents could not go to a public university solely because of financial reasons. There are more low-income students at community colleges than high-income students. Also, it is more likely for an individual that is enrolled in a community college to not finish his or her degree when compared to a student that goes to a state college or university- this is due to the fact that most community college students have to hold one or more jobs to pay for necessities and tuition.

Low-income students who attend a four-year college are more likely to drop out in comparison to their high-income peers. In addition to the cost of college increasing, competition to get into an elite school has gone up significantly in the past few years.

Students that strive to get into an elite school will shell out a lot of money for college preparatory courses and tutoring services in order to gain a better chance of enrollment.

Also, students may pay for consultants that help create portfolios of information about the student and help highlight his or her qualities while minimizing any weak points. Also, these councilors help guide students through the entire process of writing a college admissions essay.

High-cost services are out of the question for low-income students. Low income students, according to Draut, have little to no guidance through their high schools because counselors are have an average caseload of students.

Businesses are increasing the education standards of their potential employees, leaving students with a community-college degree at a large disadvantage over other students.

Draut explains that the bachelor degree is slowly become obsolete for managerial and higher level positions at firms across the nation. One reason that companies are increasing their standards is that a higher level of education across all employees will result in a better occupational status in comparison to competing firms within the same occupation.

Demand has drastically increased for graduate level degrees. Individuals who are in debt are likely to not gain a graduate degree because of the cost and time. This means that individuals who financially struggled to get a bachelors degree are still behind students who came from financially stable families.

LIS Digital divides & differences: "The Growing College Gap"

Questions to think about: As colleges move towards online-based applications, how will low-income individuals who do not own a home computer adapt?Mar 25,  · This growing gap has big consequences, because the benefits of college come largely from graduating, not merely attending some classes.

Graduation allows students to complete a program and be. Sample Informative Essay: The Growing Education Gap between Rich and Poor Students Education as the saying goes, is a tool for fostering equality by providing the disadvantaged with the needed leverage and knowledge to grow.

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Sample Informative Essay: The Growing Education Gap between Rich and Poor Students Education as the saying goes, is a tool for fostering equality by providing the disadvantaged with the needed leverage and knowledge to grow.

Average tuition and fees for a 4-year in-state public college was $9, a year and for out-of-state students was $25,, according to College Board.

Growing college gap essay

Budget and Spending September 3, @ Sep 23,  · The gap between the earnings of students with a college degree and those without one is bigger than ever. And yet American higher education is increasingly the preserve of the elite.

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