Formulation evalution of atenolol hcl

Lactose was added as diluent.

Formulation evalution of atenolol hcl


None, Conflict Formulation evalution of atenolol hcl Interest: Oral sustained release gastro retentive dosage forms offer several advantages for drugs having absorption from the upper gastrointestinal tract to improve the bioavailability of medications which have narrow absorption window.

The aim of the study was to develop a floating bioadhesive drug delivery system exhibiting a unique combination of floatation and bioadhesion to prolong the residence in the stomach using atenolol as a model drug.

Prior to compression, polymeric blend s were evaluated for flow properties. The prepared tablets were evaluated for physical characteristics, bioadhesive strength, buoyancy lag time, swelling index and in vitro drug release studies.

The mean bioadhesive strength was found to be in the range of The optimized blend F11 showed Whilst, increase in concentration of carbopol P, bioadhesive strength and swelling index was increased with slow release. The n values of optimized formulations were found in the range of 0.

The study aided in developing an ideal once-a-day gastro retentive floating drug delivery system with improved floating, swelling and bioadhesive characteristics with better bioavailability. Formulation and evaluation of atenolol floating bioadhesive system using optimized polymer blends.

Int J Pharma Investig ;6: These systems have progressed from immediate release to site specific delivery over a period. Among the methods described, floating drug delivery and bioadhesive drug delivery systems DDS are promising systems in gastro retention with few limitations, which has a great impact on the drug delivery to its intended site of administration.


The floating DDS are effective only when the fluid level in the stomach is sufficiently high. Nonetheless, as the stomach empties dosage form reaches to the pylorus, the buoyancy of the dosage form may be impeded. Thus, bioadhesive DDS are suffering from the effect of mucous turnover.

The mucous secreted by the mucosa lining of stomach wall may detach the dosage form from the wall of the stomach which get emptied from the stomach along with its contents.

Formulation and evaluation of atenolol floating bioadhesive system using optimized polymer blends

This limitation can be overcome by making the floating system eventually adhere to the mucous lining of the stomach wall. Floating bioadhesive systems can persist in the stomach for several hours and hence considerably extend the gastric residence time of therapeutics.

Due to the extended gastric retention the delivery system enhances bioavailability. It has applications also for delivery of drug to the upper gastric tract. Floating and bioadhesive delivery scaffold system helps to provide better availability of new products with new therapeutic possibilities and substantial benefits for patients.

Therapeutic agents within a particular class generally share similar pharmacologic mechanisms of action and in many cases have an affinity for similar cellular receptors. Atenolol is a beta-adrenergic blocking agent that blocks the effects of adrenergic drugs.

Dosage forms that are retained in the stomach would increase the absorption, improve drug efficiency, and decrease dose requirements. Due to its high permeability in nature controlled drug delivery is required for prolonged gastric retention may offer numerous advantages including an increase in the extent of absorption, improved bioavailability, and therapeutic efficacy.

Formulation evalution of atenolol hcl

For the preparation of floating bioadhesive tablets, all components were screened through sieve number 60 and mixed thoroughly in a mortar and pestle for 10 min.The final optimized formulation (FM2) released % of Atenolol in 12hrs.

The floating lag time and log time of optimized sustained layer showed min and above 12hr respectively. Formulation and evaluation of buccoadhesive tablets of Atenolol Prasad B Kadam* 1, Remeth J Dias 1, Kailas K Mali 1, Vijay D Havaldar 1 and Niranjan S Mahajan 1.

Formulation and Evaluation of Mouth Disintegrating Tablets of Atenolol and Atorvastatin

FORMULATION AND EVALUATION OF FLOATING MATRIX TABLET OF ATENOLOL FOR formulation of atenolol should contain a total dose of mg (≈50mg) and should release 25 mg in 1 h like conventional tablets, and mg per hour up to 12 h thereafter. HCl (pH ) maintained at 37±°C. Formulation Development and In-Vitro Evaluation of Gastroretentive Floating tablets of Atenolol grupobittia.comarathi,*, grupobittia.comuthu Kumar, grupobittia.comlan.

atenolol after a desired lag time of about 6 – hr which corresponds with peak levels of cortisol, capillary resistance, platelet agreeability and vascular reactivity in the morning hours, which leads to hypertension in the early hours of the morning.

Formulation Development and In-Vitro Evaluation of Gastroretentive Floating tablets of Atenolol grupobittia.comarathi,*, grupobittia.comuthu Kumar, grupobittia.comlan ml N HCl at 75rpm. The time (minutes) Evaluation of atenolol floating tablets formulations.

Formulation and evaluation of mouth disintegrating tablets of atenolol and atorvastatin