Essays on pension scheme design and risk management

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Essays on pension scheme design and risk management

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Rt Hon, Richard Harrington: One of my priorities as Pensions Minister is to continue the successful rollout of automatic enrolment. A big part of this is making sure that people understand the benefits of remaining in the pension scheme set up by their employer.

But there is still more work to be done. We are in the most challenging phase of the rollout, getting small and micro employers to sign up automatic enrolment. They now hold the key to getting the nation saving. Another priority for me is seeing the Pension Schemes Bill through Parliament.

This is an important piece of legislation to provide greater consumer protection to Master Trust scheme members. We are ensuring that there are strong standards that Master Trusts must meet before being allowed to operate.

The Bill will also give The Pensions Regulator new powers to intervene when a scheme gets into trouble. I am also aware of the concerns around the affordability of traditional Defined Benefit pension schemes.

I recognise the need to look at these issues in detail and ensure there continues to be confidence in the sector.

Breaking Down 'Pension Plan'

But I will be addressing these important issues in a Green Paper shortly to delve into the challenges in more depth and outline our current thinking. How do you see the roll-out of auto-enrolment in terms of the minimum contribution percentage and getting people enrolled?

After years of people not saving enough, automatic enrolment is helping millions of people start saving into a workplace pension. This is also the first time that many have started saving for their retirement. But with this significant change in behaviour, we must give people time get used to it.

That is why we are gradually phasing in rises to contribution rates in April and Apriland have timed these to coincide with the beginning of the tax year so that the impact is more manageable for both employers and individuals.

But of course we need to build on our current success and now is the right time to consider who else — beyond the 10 million already set to benefit — could gain from automatic enrolment.

In December we announced a review of the policy which will explore ways that it can be further developed. The review will gather evidence on groups such as people with multiple jobs who do not qualify for automatic enrolment in any single job.

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It will also consider how the growing numbers of self-employed people can be helped to save for their retirement. I look forward to hearing from the industry on these issues in How will this work? The industry-led work on a pensions dashboard is a great start. I want people to take more ownership of their own money and technology can help them to do this.

If better, more dynamic tools were provided we could help millions of savers see more easily the money being saved is theirs and is simply deferred pay for when they chose to retire. What changes can employers and members of workplace DC plans expect as a result of the UK exiting the European Union and how will obligations of employers in a post-Brexit world be different?

Essays on pension scheme design and risk management

We are committed to getting people saving through automatic enrolment and our plans for workplace pension are enshrined in UK domestic law. So the legal requirement on employers to enrol their staff will continue.

On the broader issue of education of people in making their pensions freedom choices, how is the government planning to help in that respect? It is absolutely vital that people make the right choice with their hard earned savings and they seek financial guidance if they are thinking of accessing their pension pots flexibly.

That is why we set up Pension Wise when we introduced the pension freedoms into help people aged 50 and over with a defined contribution pension pot understand the new options available to them. Pension Wise provides a free and impartial service both over the phone and by individual appointments using trained guiders in the CAB network, and overpeople have already benefited from it.

Indeed, both Pension Wise and The Pensions Advisory Service can provide online and over the phone guidance including how to avoid pension scams. Financial guidance is incredibly important which is why we are now consulting on how we can improve publicly funded debt advice, pensions and money guidance.

We plan to bring these together into one body, which will ensure consumers can access the high quality, impartial financial guidance and debt advice that they need to make effective financial decisions.The composite performance gives an indication of how investment using a more diversified and risk managed approach compares to the estimated funding level progress of the average UK pension scheme based on information from the Purple Book, published by the Pensions Protection Fund and the Pensions Regulator.

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Part of the annual DC Pension Design & Investment report. Prudential is the oldest (since ) and biggest independent Greek company in the area of Actuarial services and Risk management, specializing in private, . Abstract: This dissertation deals with the optimal design of funded pension schemes and its welfare implications for participants.

The first article illustrates the welfare gain of well organized intergenerational risk sharing within collective pension funds over the optimal individual benchmark. This dissertation deals with the optimal design of funded pension schemes and its welfare implications for participants.

The first article illustrates the welfare gain of well organized intergenerational risk sharing within collective pension funds over the optimal individual benchmark.

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