Diversity commitment at toyota

What we stand for Engaged, Diverse and Inclusive Environments for All We believe furthering the success of our customers, dealers, team members, suppliers and communities is key to our success. By embracing and living our commitment to advance and foster engaged, diverse and inclusive environments, we are setting the pace in innovation. And, we demonstrate our commitment to doing this — The Toyota Way — through our stories.

Diversity commitment at toyota

UK, Australia, Dubai Dealer Top Ten Reasons to pick Soni Motors A few months ago, we asked a sampling of our lifelong customers the reasons they had selected us in the first place and then the reasons they had stayed with us.

The series of conversations spread over a few weeks allowed us to establish the list in this priority, the wording is ours but the sentiments are those of our customers. There were few surprises for us as well but Customer is always right! A more detailed elaboration can be found at our Soni Motors Thailand page http: Unique Sense of History and Mission: Each employee in our family of companies in every part of the world is imbued with a sense of our historic mission of providing unprecedented customer service.

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As each company is led by a family member and we are raised on the folklore, legend and sayings of the Patriarch of the Family, Quraishi, Sr. Each family member and team member is imbued with the responsibility that comes with being the First Family of Asian Automotive Industry and the mantle of leadership of Diversity commitment at toyota automotive traditions that has befallen us.

Diversity commitment at toyota

Our Founding Fathers set standards for all to follow and the third and fourth generations of the Quraishis under the visionary leadership and guidance of Soni and James Quraishi continue to do so in Asia and beyond.

For more info view our history. After all is said and done, automotive industry is Diversity commitment at toyota small world and word-0f-mouth quickly establishes and demolishes reputation. See our customer comments in our Testimonial section and more comments in Soni Motors testimonials page to learn why our motto of "Customers for Life" is more than just a slogan and why generations after generations, dealerships and corporations continue to trust Quraishis for all their automotive purchasing.

We are 1 not because we are perfect but because we have managed to earn the trust and respect of our customers and that we never take lightly.

It would be foolish of us to take this trust for granted and to rest on our laurels. No matter how good we are, or how far ahead we are of our competition, or how popular our prepared vehicles are with the end-users, we never forget that our customers always have a choice and if they are choosing us and trusting us, we must be thankful for this choice and trust and live up to both one deal at a time.

I got a beautiful pickup at a great price. Most people attribute this to the decades for which we have been in business in Thailand and in Asia and this indeed contributes to our retention rate but equally important are our customer service, integrity, price, quick delivery and auto industry experience.

It may come as a surprise but among the crop of auto exporters, only two auto exporters in Thailand have actual auto experience, the rest are investors or opportunists. To buy from investor with no automotive experience is a Russian Roulette, you may or may not get a quality vehicle, while purchasing from an opportunist is economical suicide because so many importers in the past have been lured by the fantastical price discounts that are offered by these fly by night operations only to find that what is too good to be true really is.

This helped us greatly when we entered the auto exporting arena. We were able to use existing contracts with manufacturers and dealerships to buy first choice vehicles at lowest prices and able to pass these savings to our export customers. When you work with us, your risk is reduced and time and money are saved.

We know cars in and out and all our new and used vehicles are of top-notch quality. We ship thousands of vehicles in any given year and yet we never receive a complaint on the quality of the vehicle.

We can also offer you top quality accessories from top manufacturers and since our high volume allows us to absorb all their production, our competitors are forced to settle for lower-tier manufacturers.

Soni branded accessories have made their place in the marketplace thanks not only to our high manufacturing standards but to our decades of experience in accessories market. Our extensive knowledge of cars make a lot of difference.

If you think that buying from an exporter with no auto experience and buying from someone with decades of automotive experience is the same, you are in for a surprise. Thailand Chamber of Commerce is very picky in who they pick, it took us years of preparation to finally win the coveted registration.

It is our greatest pleasure to serve you with honesty, integrity and professionalism under the visionary leadership of James and Soni Quraishi. We treat all our customers as a part of our extended family. Selecting an Auto Exporter is an important decision.

Since the top executives are mostly family members, their work is not just a source of paycheck but a mission to create lifelong customers. We have the professionalism, power and resources of a large company but are also able to provide the personalized service of a family business.

Most of our competitors are owned by venture capitalists who are eager to recoup their investment as expeditiously as possible.

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Our family honor and keeping our good name and goodwill is more important to us than short-term profit. Diversity of Customers We have every kind of customer: We know how to satisfy their disparate needs seamlessly and have been doing so for the past 76 years.

Non-profits and NGOs are especially dear to us as our great grandfather and grandfather were renowned philanthropists whose exemplary generosity was ahead of its time as it sought to empower the individuals and whole communities to stand on their own feet and was focused not just on empowerment but also on education and practical training.

We have continued this legacy and have taken this work global. Our work for the relief of tsunami victims of South East Asia and earthquake victims of South Asia is well-known.

Diversity of Markets South East Asia and earthquake victims of South West Asia was recognized and our quick provision of needed vehicles to NGOs at our cost was greatly appreciated by all beneficiaries.

We have done wonders for the budgets of NGOs and project support companies. We are able to customize a vehicle for a new dealer importing a vehicle into his country for the first time to the vehicle specifications in vogue in that country.

A company that exports vehicles a month can get a much better deal than its second largest competitor whose monthly exports rarely exceed 20 vehicles.Nov 18,  · Ford, Toyota recognized by Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Push for commitment to diversity November 18, With help from AutoNation and Ford, a battered Florida car dealership's managers and employees look ahead November 18, Impassioned to build relationships with diverse entrepreneurs across North America, Toyota is committed to building a more inclusive supplier base that not only reflects the diversity of its team members and customers but also the communities the company serves.

Insights from The Conference Board Council on Workforce Diversity TM Creating a Competency Model for Diversity and Inclusion Practitioners CP Council Perspectives TM Members of The Conference Board Councils are among the most experienced and savvy executives in the world.

This is the second time Toyota was awarded this honor, selected by a NMSDC national committee comprised of minority business owners, for its commitment to maintaining a supplier base which reflects the diversity of its customers and the diversity of the team members who build and sell Toyota vehicles in North America.

Engaged, diverse and inclusive environments — driving innovation toward mobility for all. Our vision knows no boundaries.

Through Continuous Improvement and Respect for People — twin pillars of The Toyota Way — we strive to be leaders in Diversity . Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion Lexus, a division of Toyota, was founded on a strong value system that guides how business is conducted.

Toyota’s founders in Japan planted the seed more than 75 years ago when they first conceived these guiding principles, known as the Toyota Way.

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