Deterrence relates to humiliation

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Deterrence relates to humiliation

More particularly it concerns the constitutional validity of aspects of the following sections: These provisions criminalise a wide range of consensual sexual activities between children of a certain age.

Only to the extent that these sections are not found to be unconstitutional, do the applicants also challenge the constitutional validity of: The First Applicant had its origins more than 24 years ago in the outpatient facilities of the Johannesburg General Hospital and the Department of Paediatrics of the Medical School of the University of the Witwatersrand in response to an urgent need for medical examinations for abused children.

Currently, the First Applicant offers a full range of services for abused children and other children in need of care, including forensic medical examinations, forensic psychological counselling, other counselling including HIV test counsellingpsychological assessments, play therapy, preparation for court appearances for children and their families, social awareness and training programmes and programmes designed to divert young sex offenders away from the criminal justice system to a therapeutic environment.

The Second Applicant was established in by the University of Cape Town's Department of Paediatrics and Child Health in response to the need for education and training in the field of child abuse prevention.

Initially it was set up as a research programme and was later attached to the Child Health Unit at the University. It is now an independent organisation dedicated to the prevention of child victimisation and offending and the promotion of children's rights.

It operates locally in Cape Town, at provincial and national levels in South Africa, as well as in the Southern African region and internationally. These approaches include direct support services to child victims of sexual offences at six Sexual Offences Courts in urban and peri-urban settings around Cape Town, the development of resources and best practices aimed at the extension and improvement of quality services to child victims and witnesses in the criminal justice system and the advocacy of appropriate reform of law and policy to protect children from abuse, exploitation and neglect.

According to its constitution the core objective of the first amicus curiae is to advance and protect the human rights of all women and girls in South Africa, particularly women who suffer many intersecting forms of disadvantage.

In so doing it seeks to contribute to replacing the systematic discrimination and disadvantage that women face. In fulfilling its main objective it assists women litigants free of charge and make submissions to assist courts in constitutional and public interest matters that concern women's rights and gender equality.

The strategic bomber has enjoyed a unique position within the nuclear triad and US deterrence efforts precisely because it was the first (and still the only) delivery method that has been used. DETERRENCE RELATES TO HUMILATION 2 Now that you are familiar with deterrence write a 2 to 3 page paper discussing how deterrence relates to humiliation. This is a form of deterrence gaining popularity among law makers. The Commission collects, analyzes, and disseminates a broad array of information on federal crime and sentencing practices. In this section, you will find a comprehensive collection of research and data reports published on sentencing issues and other areas of federal crime.

Over the years it has participated in numerous cases concerning these issues in the form of litigating on behalf of parties or in the form of making relevant submissions.

It was established to advance the human rights of women in South Africa and does so through conducting research and engaging in advocacy, training and capacity building aimed at the promotion and protection of women's rights. The activities of the second amicus curiae are extensive and it was allowed to participate in these proceedings for the obvious interest it has in the subject matter of the application.

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The key objective is to "take all lawful and proper steps to uphold and develop Judaeo-Christian values, and the Constitution and laws of the Republic of South Africa, by means of litigation in the courts, submissions to Parliament and assistance to members of Parliament, involvement in the media, and in any other appropriate way".

The third amicus curiae has in the past often participated in litigation relating to a wide variety of issues and was again allowed to do so in the present application. The applicants brought the present application: Before I proceed with a discussion of the merits of the application I wish to express my appreciation and gratitude for the assistance rendered to this court by all the parties and the amici curiae both in the form of heads of argument and oral argument in court.

The heads of argument filed on behalf of the parties and the amici were particularly helpful and I have made extensive use thereof in this judgement. I must also add that the parties and the amici presented a vast number of arguments and submissions and referred extensively to authorities.

I have considered all that was said and referred to. Broadly speaking the Act aims to codify the law regarding sexua! It criminalised all forms of sexual abuse and exploitation. It further repealed certain common law sexual offences and replaced them with new and, in some instances, expanded or extended statutory sexual offences, irrespective of gender.

It also established a National Register for Sex Offenders in order to establish a record of persons who are or have been convicted of sexual offences against children and persons who are mentally disabled so as to prohibit such persons from being employed in a manner that places them in a position to work with or have access to or authority or supervision over or care of children or persons who are mentally disabled.

In the process it repealed most of the Sexual Offences Act, Act 23 ofas well as various common law crimes, including rape and indecent assault. The sexual offences created by the Act are those offences mentioned in Chapters 2, 3 and 4 and sections 55 and 71 12 and 6 of the Act.

What concerns us in the present application are certain of the offences created in Part 1 of Chapter 3, being sexual offences against certain children, and more particularly the offences created in section 15 1 and section 16 1. Chapter 2 of the Act criminalises non-consensual acts of sexual penetration and sexuai violation with any person, including both adults and children of any age, as well as other types of sexual acts.

Part 2 and Part 3 of Chapter 3 relate to other offences against children which are not relevant for purposes of the present application.Deterrence can be humiliating to someone if it is an embarrassing punishment like some types of community service. The humiliation can even come from a judges scorn while handing down a .

The definition of deterrence is "the maintenance of military power for the purpose of discouraging attack." (Merriam Webster Dictionary). With this definition in mind, a nat ion that is (or.

Barbara Amaya is an award winning advocate, speaker, best selling author of Nobody's Girl, and a survivor of sex the age of twelve to twenty-two, Ms.

Deterrence relates to humiliation

Amaya was trafficked on the streets of New York City. Teddy Bear Clinic for the Abused Children and Another v Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development and Another (/10) [] ZAGPPHC 1 (4 January ).

The disturbing quality of many Home Office "reasons for decision" letters has been highlighted in a series of reports by Asylum Aid (No Reason at All, Still No Reason At All and, in respect of women's asylum claims, Unsustainable)..

Concern about the quality of Home Office refusal letters led to UNHCR embarking upon a major project to monitor and improve the quality of Home Office decision. How deterrence relates to humiliation How deterrence relates to humiliation.

Assignment: Classify goals of punishment. Now that you are familiar with deterrence write a 2 to 3 page paper discussing how deterrence relates to humiliation.

This is a form of deterrence gaining popularity among law makers.

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