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View in context After some deliberation, the young master replied, "Nathan, in your place, I think I should feel very much so, myself. But, since the legislative act ofwhen she heard, with perfect surprise and consternation, Christian and humane people actually recommending the remanding escaped fugitives into slavery, as a duty binding on good citizens,--when she heard, on all hands, from kind, compassionate and estimable people, in the free states of the North, deliberations and discussions as to what Christian duty could be on this head,--she could only think, These men and Christians cannot know what slavery is; if they did, such a question could never be open for discussion.

Delectation delicatessen

Next Monday morning George R.

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Watts, Waterloo; Andy Kewitt and Omar Whitney of Omaha, a committee from the Douglas County Agricultural society, will meet the county commissioners for the purpose of conferring relative to the appointment of a commission to gather and look after a Douglas county agricultural exhibit for the exposition.

In reference to Douglas county and the exposition, the commissioners say that they are doing all that lays in their power to Delectation delicatessen the interests of the big show.

We will need this money in gathering and placing the Douglas county exhibit, and I consider it no more than right and just that we should hold it and expend it ourselves. The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Directors of the exposition was held yesterday afternoon and was a very animated proceeding.

Smaller subscribers will not be allowed to escape the payment of their subscriptions and they, too, will be made to feel the weight of the law if they persist in remaining delinquent. The charge was made that the Auditorium building on the exposition grounds is unsafe and liable to collapse when filled with a crowd and the architects-in-chief were directed to make a Delectation delicatessen investigation at once and report on the condition of this building.

The matter of appointing a director general, or some other officer having general direction of the work of all departments of the exposition, was brought up, but no action was taken because so many of the members of the board had withdrawn on account of the lateness of the hour, that there was no quorum.

The advisability of calling a special meeting to discuss this question was considered and this will probably be done. Nearly an hour was consumed in waiting for enough members to put in an appearance to constitute a quorum and when the meeting was finally called to order there were twenty-seven members present.

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Lindsey referred to the situation which confronts the exposition and said the money is badly needed. Director Hibbard had the impression that it was designed to persuade the county commissioners to turn over the full amount of the proceeds of the bonds and said he was opposed to this, because he had worked for the passage of the bond bill in the legislature and had told his friends that the proceeds would be devoted to showing the resources of Douglas county.

After some further discussion to the motion was withdrawn and a committee of five was provided for, this committee to visit the commissioners and endeavor to accomplish the purpose covered by the resolution.

The discussion of finances being in order, Director Manderson said some radical action must be taken to compel those people who had subscribed large amounts to the exposition and who were able to pay, but who refuse to do so, to pay up and bear their share of the burden.

There was no opposition to the motion and Manger Lindsey said he would apply the same rule to subscribers of smaller amounts where such action seemed advisable.

This ended the financial discussion and the Department of Publicity and Promotion was called for. Manager Rosewater made a verbal report of the working of his department, saying that when the Promotion department was placed in his charge but four states in the transmississippi region had appointed commissions and none of the eastern states had taken action.

Since that time he said all of the transmississippi states except Washington and Oregon have commissions actively at work, and of the territories New Mexico has an active commission and Arizona will probably be organized within a short time.

An agent of the department has been sent to Washington and Oregon and returns are expected from those states shortly. Of the states outside the transmississippi region Mr. Rosewater said Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, West Virginia and Wisconsin have commissions actively at work, and the governor of New York is now preparing to appoint a commission of prominent business men, the governors of Tennessee, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Rhode Island are greatly interested in the matter of having their states represented, while the indications are favorable for Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and other states taking energetic action in the near future.

Rosewater said he was convinced that when the exposition opens there will be fully thirty-five states represented, and he reminded the board that this was about ten more than were at the Centennial exposition in Referring to the publicity portion of his department, Mr.

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Rosewater referred briefly to the articles which have appeared in the big eastern illustrated papers and magazines and the amount of news matter regarding the exposition which has appeared in the newspapers all over the country. He also spoke of the arrangements which have recently been made with persons of great prominence to write exposition articles which will appear in the great magazines.

For the Department of Buildings and Grounds, Manager Kirkendall submitted a written report, showing the progress of the work on the buildings and grounds, and the condition of the several buildings at this time.

When this report had been read Director Youngs caused a sensation by stating that he had been informed, by what he considered a good authority, that the Auditorium building on the exposition grounds was not properly constructed, and that it would not be safe to allow a crowd to enter the building for fear of it giving way.

Delectation delicatessen

He said he believed that the building should be thoroughly examined before the construction had proceeded any further and every weak part strengthened in order to remove any suspicion of weakness. Manager Kirkendall was on his feet in an instant to demand who had made such a statement.

He said he had heard such a report and had made an examination with the assistance of Inspectors Tamm and Baker and had found the building entirely safe.

A dozen of the directors asked for the name of Youngs' informant, and he announced that Inspector Baked had told him about the condition of the building. Let us look into this thing. We cannot afford to allow any doubt to exist regarding the stability of a building which may be crowded with thousands of people.

It might result in injuries to people which would cost the exposition thousands of dollars in damages. Baker had told him that he considered certain portions of the building weak and unequal to support a heavy crowd. This had occurred about six weeks ago and it was stated that certain changes had been made in the construction of the building which might cover the defects spoken of by Mr.

In order to make certain that there was no weak spots left untouched, a resolution was adopted, calling upon the architects-in-chief to at once make a thorough inspection of the building and report the result to the executive committee.

Manager Bruce submitted a written report of the Exhibits department, reviewing the work of that department since the last meeting of the directors. Manager Reed made a brief report of the operation of the Concessions department, saying contracts have been made for the following: Scenic railway, to James A.Wordbyletter purpose a crosswords solver.

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Delectation delicatessen

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