Critical writing and reviewing the brew

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Critical writing and reviewing the brew

For a good summary: Principles and prospects for plant disease control. Compost Science and Utilization 10 4: Shane October 2, at 9: David March 10, at Thank you for writing such an interesting blog, we are all on the same side here as gardeners, growers and farmers so I just wanted to provide my alternative point of view in hopes that we may eventually see things eye to eye.

I look forward to hearing your response. Armed with this information, you can then manage the populations to increase the ones that are most beneficial for your plants.

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Soil food web analysis is not about identifying specific bacterial species or fungal species. The point of using a microscope is simply to see if you are missing any of the primary species responsible for nutrient cycling and to compare their relative abundance.

Ingham then takes these ideas to a ridiculous extreme. She recommends gardeners should look at the microbes with a microscope, and with this device, they will be able to identify the various bacteria in soil. Ingham does not promote using the microscope for identifying specific bacterial species at all.

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She goes on to suggest that different plants need different populations of bacteria and gardeners can learn to customize their soil. The bacteria and fungi are like the grass. The protozoa and nematodes are the herd that grazes the grass. This grazing of bacteria and fungi by protozoa and nematodes is how plant nutrients are released in an available form.

It is possible to identify whether a material will be preferentially decomposed by bacteria or fungi based on its carbon to nitrogen content. Therefore one can adjust the bacterial to fungal ratios in the soil by adjusting the C: N ratios of the litter layer.

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Litter with a high ratio of C: N like woodchips will result in fungal dominance, something like fresh grass clippings would result in bacterial dominance.

This is something anyone can easily test for themselves with a microscope. The word identification is used in this context more like the word assess.

They mean to say that you can get training which will enable you to personally evaluate soil microorganism communities. The main focus is always on the interactions between these organisms and what they accomplish as a whole.

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To do this you need to be able to identify the current bacterial types that you have, and then influence their populations to make them more suitable for you plants. The protocol works like this.

If you are missing nematodes for example, you can test compost, or even soil from a different location to ascertain whether the missing nematodes are present in the new material.

If it does contain the nematodes, then the material is spread in the field. After that point, one can do a microscopic soil test once per year or less to monitor the persistence of the new species in the field. Ingham claims to do that. Identifying the individual species is not the overall goal of her method.

Identifying a bacteria as belonging to one or the other of these classes is critical to Dr. From this understanding people can see if their soil is missing any one of those essential groups and work to restore those organisms using whatever techniques are the most economical.

Compost tea is one option that under certain conditions is the best option. In the majority of cases Dr. The average gardener can learn very little about the bacteria in soil by looking at a soil sample under a microscope.ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK () - Right off the bat, I could see that this Italy/Spain co-production was going to be a very interesting giallo flick.

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critical writing and reviewing the brew

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