Ciprian chelba thesis

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Ciprian chelba thesis

Our results show that improvement in the parser accuracy is expected to lead to improve- ment in WER. We believe that examining the differences between the SLM and these models could help in understanding the degradation: This al- lows the parser to choose information depend- ing on the constituent that is being expanded.

The SLM, on the other hand, always uses the same dependency structure that is decided be- forehand. The parser in Charniak, is not Ciprian chelba thesis strict left-to-right parser. Since it is top-down, it is able to use the immediate head of a constituent before it occurs, while this immediate head is not available for conditioning by a strict left- to-right parser such as the SLM.

Consequently, the interpolation with the 3-gram model is done at the sentence level, which is weaker than in- terpolating at the word level. Since the WER results in Roark, are based on less training data 2.

We have built and evaluated the performance of seven dif- ferent models. The improve- ment in parsing accuracy carries over to enhanc- ing language model performance, as evaluated by both WER and PPL. Furthermore, our best result shows that an uninterpolated grammar-based lan- guage model can outperform a 3-gram model.

Although conditioning on more contextual infor- mation helps, we should note that some of our mod- els suffer from over-parameterization.

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One solu- tion would be to apply the maximum entropy esti- mation technique MaxEnt Berger et al. Della Pietra, and V.

Ciprian chelba thesis

A maximum entropy approach to nat- ural language processing. Computational Linguistics, 22 1: Immediate-head parsing for language models.

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Ciprian Chelba and Frederick Jelinek. Computer Speech and Language, 14 4: Ciprian Chelba and Peng Xu. Richer syntactic dependencies for structured language modeling.

Maximum likelihood fromincomplete data via the EM algorithm. Pcfg models of linguistic tree presentations. Computational Linguistics, 24 4: A linear observed time sta- tistical parser based on maximum entropy models.

Robust Probabilistic Predictive Syn- tactic Processing: Motivations, Models and Applica- tions. Jun Wu and Sanjeev Khudanpur. Combining non- local, syntactic and n-gram dependencies in language modeling.Chelba and Acero () applied this kind of a Bayesian prior for the task of adapting a maxi- mum entropy capitalizer across domains..

we impose a common component shared by {µk }k=1. This formulation then is very similar to the regularized multi-task learning method proposed by Evgeniou and Pontil (). there is a single distribution of. Apr 22,  · Ciprian Chelba and Frederick Jelinek.

Exploiting syntactic structure for language modeling. In Proceedings of the 36th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics and 17th International Conference on Computational Linguistics—vol.

1 (ACL '98), vol. 1. preliminary thesis report. Andreas Stolcke has given me many useful suggestions during my working in the STAR lab of SRI International.

My former academic advisor Prof. Pengfei Shi, my undergraduate student coor-dinator Prof. Renping Xia, in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, for encouraging me to further my education and research. Ciprian Chelba Alex Acero This paper addresses the problem of integrating speech and text content sources for the document search problem, as well as its usefulness from an ad-hoc retrieval -keyword search - point of view.

RNN language models have achieved state-of-the-art results on various tasks, but what exactly they are representing about syntax is as yet unclear.

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Here we investigate whether RNN language models learn humanlike word order preferences in syntactic alternations. We collect language model surprisal scores for controlled sentence stimuli exhibiting major syntactic alternations in English: heavy.

ance and freedom to work on my thesis. Many thanks to Tanja Schultz, Stephan Vogel, Alex Waibel, and Sanjeev Khudanpur for reading my thesis. Their valuable comments have improved the quality of my thesis.

Special thanks to ThomasSchaaf forteaching me howto incorporate C++ modulesinto our IBIS speech decoder.

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