Cathy song paper

One generation chooses to leave China and begin a new life in America. This is a comparison of the two generations of women and how they are linked by culture and seperated by lifestyle. In China, women were put in subservient positions to society. They were quiet, obedient creatures who "gathered patience".

Cathy song paper

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Her work draws on her rich Korean-Chinese ancestry as well as her experiences as an American and a woman. In poems that have been compared by critics to the muted tints of watercolor paintings, Song has consistently created a world rich with narrative and imagery that transcends her own ethnic and regional background.

I guess I was around nine years old when I decided I wanted to be the family chronicler. She met her husband, a medical student at Tufts University, while in Boston. The couple moved to Denver, Colorado, in while he completed his residency at Denver General Hospital, and there Song wrote Frameless Windows, Squares of Light and began a family.

In they returned to Honolulu, where she now lives, combining her writing with teaching creative writing to students at several universities.

Cathy song paper

The moral ties that bind women to children and parents, to their community, to tradition, and to the land are continuously interwoven throughout her verse.

In the title poem from Picture Bride, for example, Song recalls the story of her grandparents. Much of the book addresses such family relationships. Shirley Limin a review of the book in Asian American Literature, commented: Every poem is marked by this naturalness of form, based unpretentiously on phrasal pauses or the breadth of a line, by an unforced storyline or ease of observation; almost every poem has a sudden eruption of metaphor, which startles, teases, illuminates.

In School Figures Song again casts the stories of her family in verse.


More of the heart and mind and soul are integrated than ever. More finely seen differentiations arise.


Deeper chords are struck. She moves more and more into the unknown. This book is a gift to her readers. Of her work with the program Song has said: Sometimes I tell them to rewrite something over and over, and they do, creating a really good poem.Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage.

Poet Cathy Song was born and raised in Hawaii and is of Korean and Chinese descent. Her work draws on her rich Korean-Chinese ancestry as well as her experiences as an American and a woman. The latest Tweets from Cathy O'Neil (@mathbabedotorg).

I'm interested in algorithmic accountability, civil disagreement, and the social mechanism of shame. New York. LEADER: cam a a s pau 0 eng d: |a |a (OCoLC)ocm |a PIT |c. Apr 16,  · Cathy Song's "Picture Bride" I was immediately drawn to Cathy Song’s “Picture Bride” the colloquial language and clear details made the poem accessible and fun to read.

I liked that there were ideas within the ideas in this poem. First there was the story of the grandmother herself and how her future husband first received a. In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Cloud Moving Hands ii Pitt Poetry Series Ed Ochester, Editor iii Cloud Moving Hands Cathy Song U n i v e r s i t y o f P i t t s b u r g h P r e s s iv Published by the University of Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh, Pa.,

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