Bodybuilding supplement business plan

Flexb on November 08, There's almost one on every corner these days. What makes the difference is retail pricing.

Bodybuilding supplement business plan

Determine whether you want to focus on just a few key products or an entire line of bodybuilding supplements. Contact some local gyms and health clubs in your city. Ask them who supplies their products. Write down all of the supplier names. Ask each gym or health club owner if they would consider using a new supplier before you hang up.

Go online and find out more about the suppliers. Make a note if these companies are from the local area or in another city. Go on the Internet and see if their other local suppliers selling in your city.

Study their website, the products they sell, their prices and how they promote their products.

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Decide whether you want to sell more premium brands or adopt a discount-pricing strategy. Search the web for a wholesale supplier. Call the ones of interest and ask them if they will drop-ship or ship individual orders to your customers.

Choose a wholesale supplier that best fits your needs on unit cost and service. Pick a name for your bodybuilding supplements business. Contact your local county administration office and have them send you an application for your vendor's license as well as one for registering your name or DBA doing business as.

Send you application in along with the required fee. Create a website for your bodybuilding supplements business or get one designed for you. Make sure your website is functional before you approve it. Develop a business plan for your local market and website. Order some business cards. Post fliers at local grocery stores with your phone number.

Call on gyms, high school and college coaches and karate studios in your area. Provide them with your business card and a catalog. Place online ads through AdSense on Google. Create a Yahoo storefront when your business expands.

Include your site in various other search engines such as Altavista. Tips You probably have more potential for your bodybuilding supplements business online as you can reach people all across the United States and in other countries. However, do not miss any local opportunities. Just a few large, repeat buyers can create a nice little profit stream for your bodybuilding supplements business.

Warning Never pay a large amount of money up front to a wholesale supplier. The legitimate ones will allow you time to build your business without any huge fees.

Check the Better Business Bureau in your supplier's local market and find out if they have any complaints against them.If you offer a few cutting-edge and unique products, you can round out your line with a plain creatine, whey protein, etc., since customers that are buying your unique products may want to add these other products to their supplement plan.

bodybuilding supplement business plan

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