A discussion of whether zero tolerance is realistic

The country's "zero tolerance" policy towards drugs is an increasingly isolated one compared to its neighbours, and has even been subject to criticism from the UN. The Local's Sweden In Focus series looks at why Sweden takes such a hard-line stance on drugs, what the consequences are, and if it will ever change. Sweden's long-standing zero-tolerance drugs policy is based on the fundamental vision of a "drug-free society", and was shaped by lobbying group The Association for a Drug-Free Society RNS.

A discussion of whether zero tolerance is realistic

West is the Best GreatWhiteNorth said: To be bothered irked at occasionally smelling weed, as you go about your daily life, says more about you than it does about those pot smokers around you.

When I was young, growing up here in southern Manitoba, the majority of people smoked cigarettes, and they smoked everywhere, with no regard for others second hand smoke.

There'd be stinky ashtrays everywhere too. We've come a long ways since then. I've never smoked cigarettes, but support peoples right to do so.

Amsterdam has had a pot friendly culture for a long time, with little if any negative downside. They have had bigger fish to fry with heroin addiction, etc.

A discussion of whether zero tolerance is realistic

That's some pretty serious stuff, with lots of folks overdosing. Somehow all of this media frenzy, angst and controversy over legalizing marijuana seems oddly out of place when you consider those other drugs that are ruining lives, and killing people.

We all have intolerance for things, and we all have differing levels of deemed intolerance to all the things in life. I have zero tolerance for eating fried liver, I know others that quite love it. I simply love motorcycles. I work with people who think motorcycles are the work of the devil. In the last 12 years, I've buried both parents because of smoking substances.

I've been involved in the burial of 7 family members who succumbed to either cigarettes, and yes, regular pot use. For the last 35 years, and even today, I work with people who smoke, and proudly use coffee mugs with the term " thanks for holding your breath while I smoke" on it. I must say I'm in agreement with government mandated dispensing of this product.

I know that governments 'hunt for money' was running out of places to tax more without damaging economic stability, so taxation of this is good, very good. Deadly99's point that there are alot of people driving around on anti-depressants, for sure I agree.

See a Problem?

It is highly unlikely that a physician would prescribe an intoxicating substance medication used permanently without ordering their drivers license taken away. Heck, my buddy had his license taken away for 6 months because of an eye operation.

He's a fellow motorcyclist, he gets it that we are a vulnerable segment of vehicle travel. I still go back to my earlier example of social etiquette. A young couple sitting on the beach sipping red wine out of a flask, versus a young couple sitting on the beach smoking herb.

Huge difference in social etiquette. Everyone would be oblivious and uttery unaffected by the 1st couple. Everyone downwind for ' would be affected by the actions, and selfishness of the second couple. We should all in society be situationally aware of our actions upon others.

Either stunned lack of awareness, or not giving a shit about anyone else is how I describe the second couple.Discussion of this nomination can be considering extenuating circumstances. For example, the policies treat possession of a knife identically, regardless of whether the knife is a blunt table knife "Workplace Justice, Zero Tolerance and Zero Barriers: Getting People to Come Forward in Conflict Management Systems," in.

Discussion Zero tolerance of chloramphenicol zero tolerance for chloramphenicol in the past has been based zero tolerance levels is realistic and whether these standards can be met, especially when the substances can be encoun-tered in the environment, as indicated below.

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Sweden is accustomed to being praised for its forward-thinking approach, but there's one area where many feel it lies behind the curve. The country's "zero tolerance" policy towards drugs is an increasingly isolated one compared to its neighbours, and has even been subject to criticism from the UN.

We understand that despite zero tolerance policies and abstinence-only education that many young people will assume the risks.

Thus, providing education and drug checking services are essential tertiary prevention strategies. Jan 01,  · "Zero Tolerance," created by Claudia Mills, is an realistic fiction book in which the main character, Sierra Shepherd, encounters a school-wide problem in which turns out /5.

Community Policing or Zero Tolerance? | The British Journal of Criminology | Oxford Academic