10x100 led dot matrix display for enrollment

Scrolling Display of large character Hi guys, With the help of a project on scrolling led Display of size 5x7 matrix posted in this forum, I took effort to modify the same to make a display of large size character 13x For this purpose I have designed the characters with row values of 13 bits.

10x100 led dot matrix display for enrollment

Access control, relay control, and alarm monitoring controllers.

10x100 led dot matrix display for enrollment

Section — Basic Electrical Materials and Methods. The Security Management System shall have the ability of handling corporations with multiple remote sites, controlled access with various reader technologies supported simultaneously, alarm monitoring with text and graphics based annunciation, Photo Call-Up, Photo ID Badging, DVR and CCTV switcher control that allows for easy expansion or modification of readers, inputs, and outputs.

The system control at the central computer location shall be under a single software program control, shall provide full integration of all components, and shall be alterable at any time, depending upon the facility requirements. Reconfiguration shall be accomplished on-line through system programming, without hardware changes.

The system shall support both manual and automatic responses to alarms entering the system. All control of camera selection, position, zoom, focus, iris, pre-position, etc. Advanced switcher programming shall be performed through the switcher and associated keyboard or software programming interface.

In response to an alarm, the DVR shall record video as programmed, including: Utilizing assigned passwords, it shall be possible to define the levels of system operation for each individual Operator.

Operator Actions range from basic monitoring to full control of the system databases. The software shall utilize combo boxes for previously entered system-required data where applicable. Upon recognition of an alarm, the system shall be capable of displaying alarm information in text format in a dedicated Alarm Viewer, real-time status in a Status Viewer, on a graphic floor plan, initiate alarm recording on a DVR, switching CCTV cameras, email an alarm notification to one or more people, and send a text page to a cell phone or display pager that are associated with the alarm point.

The system shall be capable of arming or disarming alarm points both manually and automatically, by time of day, and day of week. The method of communication from remote locations to the central components shall be transparent to the user.

10x100 led dot matrix display for enrollment

After installation, the Owner shall be able to perform hardware configuration changes as desired without the services of the manufacturer. Equipment repair shall be able to be accomplished on site, by module replacement, utilizing spare components.

The distributed processing shall include the ability to down-load operating parameters to any field panel, thus allowing the field panel to provide full operating functions independent of any other system component.

The Controllers shall utilize Version 7. Upgrade CCM Firmware in existing controllers as required. Provide a complete photo ID Badging system, including: Submit three 3 copies of: Authorized Dealer Certificate and Certified Training Certificates of installers who will be working on this project.

Layout of equipment on supplied AutoCAD drawings. Security Console elevation drawings. Field Controller equipment location wall layouts, including size requirements.Best prices on Hp printer scanner in Printers.

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single dot, nm LED Illumination: nm LEDs. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site.

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